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no O2 signal

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After one week of no signal finally spoke to some kind of human at O2, by going through to the department you reach when you wish to leave O2. When there is no signal which is very frequent these days the error message posted by O2 is that 'a mast in your area  is not working'. Her response was it is an open case and the engineer is working on it. If true he must have been living at the mast for over a year or is dreadfully incompetent and is totally unable to fix whatever is wrong with the mast. She repeated the same sentence several times until I gave up and hung up. O2 totally incompetent and unacceptable yet I am unbale to remedy this and they know it and just don't care.

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Hi @Anonymous

Sorry to hear about this but it may be they are upgrading the mast in your area to 4G?

If you wish to make a complaint then follow the advice on this link

Have you thought of using TuGo whilst you are having these problems? It does help a lot of people

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while you are encountering this issue and await resolution - you might like to try downloading the tugo app and using your home / work  internet  wifi to make  / receive calls and sms


The only issue is that you do need a working service doing the activation process.


Hope that will help in the interim 




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