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t'my skit on that Kitchener poster


anyone not you @MI5 ... I'd feel bad having taken up a lot of your time in the past & no offence mate, but i really really really instructions easily presented in orderly fashion eg BULLIT-POINTED 


not essay-style


not your fault Top Gun ..... = ..... you did your best I sensed I was getting up your nose somewhat


att @jonsie chipped in with help including pix, but again if I can't see it in front of me in an orderely way, well then info won't go it


tallus stood me in good steas when I was working ..... 3 times is a good number eg I would be shown what to do (the teacher would expect me to remember spot-on with no questions next time ..... = ..... well no chance with me ..... so ..... I made copious scribble notes to be copied up neatly aferwards, when a bit of info went in ..... 2nd time I used my now neat notes & had a go at job with teacher looking over my shoulder ..... 3rd time it was all on my shoulders ..... & ..... say if there was any comeback from any of the company employees with my basic pay calculations from using clockcards / time sheets / holiday & sick lists etc ..... then I had to d/w (old Inland Revenue office abbreviation between Collectors & Inspectors departments)


CASH CAN BE MADE OUT OF 1 2 1 tuition eg somewhere comparatively local, on fb ..... he came into my home after 6 'o' clock finish & now I can do pix from phone to fb & email from phone ..... = ..... way to go ie pix from phone to say a forum & pix stored on disk to fb / laptop / email


BUT he charged me £3O cash (a fiver less than per hour & I'm not sure if he said now I'm a custer its free from now on ..... will check that out




Old Giffer I may be & very much a tech novice ..... but there stuff I can offer which may be valuable to you, after spending my working life as a clerk / typist / front of house 

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Registered: method of learning is similar to yours. I read about stuff....I have to practice over and over again..and eventually I may get it.

I don't always, but I keep trying till I do.

Then when I learn a skill I can go OTT...(as with the picture posting):happy-smiley58: I think I must have the biggest picture gallery of anyone...

Everyone has different skills. We can't all be the same. What a boring world that would be.

You have the skill of laughter. You are honest and trustworthy. Who cares if you can upload a picture or not?....You can crack us all up with the tales of the sheep in Yorkshire...not forgetting Eh-Up-Ow-Do LOL Hug

Veritas Numquam Perit

Girl in a jacket
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Well your editing skills are very obviously Superior to mine! Have you even seen my reviews and guides?

They are usually followed by a rant in the comments and a shout to Toby to come and help! LOL

And I fully agree with @Cleoriff ... What a boring world it would be if we all knew everything....if you think about it, chances are this forum would not exist...there would be no need for it...

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Jane, EVERYONE is here for you whenever you need. Please don't be thinking you are taking up our time. We are all learning and expanding our knowledge daily. I find as I get older that it takes longer for things to sink in but it's normal. I have to read something 3 times these days to understand it.

Please don't worry, don't change, you bring so much to the community with your experience, your sense of humour and your personality Smiley Very Happy


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I agree with all of the points here :). We're all very different; In our backgrounds, views and knowledge. That's what makes the place great. If we were all the same it would be boring!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.
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check this out @Anonymous!!! The boss has come in...on a Saturday (!)..his day off...just for you!

Now I'm jealous!!:smileywink:

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@Anonymous I agree with all the posts above
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