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VOLT - my experience

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Hi all,


Maybe this is better to be merged into the VOLT thread (although that is so long this message would get lost in there), but I wanted to share my experience.


  • Been a VM customer at this address for 6 years, with the same account number and details since the start. Not been an O2 customer for 15 years or so, and never at this address.
  • Recently downgraded my Virgin package (in advance of getting the VOLT boost).
  • Signed up for O2 SIM only, through affiliate link from uswitch. On basic £6/month package. Signed up 7th Feb. Package in same name as broadband (mine).
  • Broadband speed doubled from 100Mb to 200Mb Fri 11th, so 4 days.
  • o2 Data doubled on 15th Feb, so 8 days.


Appreciate this may vary from person to person, but the "it happens after the 14 day cooling off period has elapsed" wasn't true for me. I didn't do anything to chase it or push it along, just let it take its course. My address is actually slightly different in both systems, in o2, my street name and village name is under "address line 1", but in Virgin, they're on separate lines. This didn't appear to make any difference.


Hope this helps. Feel free to merge if that makes more sense.



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I had a similar experience @cablecrave 

Happened quick enough that I did not realise it has happened. I have no evidence to back that up unlike you, but take my word for it 😃😃

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