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Security issue on my account

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O2 are currently aware of serious security breaches on there system. Customers are unaware that o2 haven’t currently ceased to deal with a third party outsourcing company, however this company still have o2 customers details. I’ve had a security breach on my account since the 24/07/21. I’ve had 6 failed callbacks from Customer Service Managers, the customer service advisors are useless, few staff are competent at best. O2 are currently in the process of trying to obtain or claw back if you like this information.

I was made aware of this when I contacted customer services on the 24/07/21.

I had someone ring my o2 number claiming to be from o2, they knew all my details, even offered me 40% on two of my four numbers I have, they sent me a text message, from what I believed was o2 to confirm the 4 digit pin so I could accept this offer. It was a scam and someone had fraudulently obtained my details due this third party. 
I’ve continually tried to resolve this issue and I’ve had my whole o2 app and until recently my online account locked. I still haven’t had any explanation or apology from o2, each time I call up I have to re explain myself and I’m then told a manager will call me back within 24 hours. This never happens and I’ve now waited nearly 2 months and absolutely no one has bothered to contact me.


What an absolute shambles this company is, I asked for the issue to be directly passed to Head office, only to be told I had to do this myself.


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For 1 this is not a security breach... 


O2 don't have any system breaches, I'm afraid you have been contacted by one of the o2 (un) trusted partners. 

Common sense is that if someone rings you out of the blue saying they are from any company (not just o2) and it is an unsolicited call then do not accept any offer from them, take their number and call them or the company back and verify they are who they say they are.... and they will normally say on behalf of. 


Also look carefully at your terms and conditions as it does state they can share data with 3 parties unless you unticked the box... or like most people you won't have read them.. 


The 3rd party have been underhand, and you should as I said never trust a cold caller, and its YOUR responsibilty to verify the caller is who they say they are. 

As I said this is not a data breach or a security breach.. but possibly a breach of trust, and a competent partner of o2.

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I’ve sent this person a private message as I don’t know any to get into a debate over the issues I’m facing. This is a security breach and I’ve had o2 confirm this to me several times on the phone, hence why they have locked all my app and online services until recently.

Please be aware if you receive a call from these scammers, they have your details so be very vigilant, call o2 directly yourself 

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