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Registered a Default with Credit Reference Agencies

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Last year ordered a Virginmedia Volt Bundel which ended up not being installed because of technical issues. The order was cancelled and the installation did not take place, but a few months later I was checking my credit file and saw a default of £432.32 from O2.

i have had no communication from O2 regarding this and I tried to get O2 to remove this from my credit file as it’s wrong. I call O2 on a number of occasions to get this removed and I have been told I do not owe any money, but I can’t get the default removed from my credit file, and this is now having a detrimental effect on my credit file so much so my bank has removed my overdraft and my credit cards have removed special balance transfers terms. I have been told three times it’s been sorted but it has not, and is still showing default. The last time I spoke with O2 I was told it’s sorted but will not be removed from the credit reference agencies for 60days which by that time my credit will be destroyed. I am looking for advice here having talked with the relevant regulatory people who can’t help including the credit agencies. Is the only way left is by taking O2 to court which I will do if I have to. Beware if your thinking about using O2 as your telecommunications provider. 

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Try the credit file referrals team.

If you contact them by email I would back it up by a recorded and signed for letter

Credit File Referrals Team

Suite P

Arlington Business Centre


LS11 0NE

Fax 0113 2025865

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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