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Poor customer service

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 I wanted to port my number from EE to O2, so I called the O2 customer service for help on the 21st of May 2024, i provided all information required to enable the customer advisor complete the form and initiate the porting request. at the end of the called, I was told by the customer advisor that it was done, and that it’ll only take 24 to 48 hours to complete the transfer from EE to O2, however, after 5 days since the request was initiated, yet, my EE number was not ported to O2 as I still had my O2 number which I got from the store active. I phoned the EE customer to confirm, as my EE number was no longer active on my phone, they confirmed to me that my number had be ported  to O2 and should be active on O2 network, after that, I phoned O2 customer service advisors 8 times and spoke to 8 different advisors to complain about the issue, but none of the advisor seem keen to help. They kept referring back to EE,  I got back to EE and was told my line was active on O2, and there was nothing they could do.. I reached out to O2 customer advisors again and didn’t get any help..most annoying that none of those  8 advisors ever thought of escalating my concerns to a senior colleague who could help, they all keep trying to proffer the same solution, which was initiating the porting request all over again, seem they’ve now flagged up my number and cannot call the customer service any more..I have missed calls from my GP and other important calls from my employer and family, and can’t even receive verification messages to my primary number to access my banking app and other apps that require text verification. I don’t have access to my EE number any more as it was ported O2, however the number is not active on O2.. O2 is the worst network I have come across with bunch of unhelpful customer service advisors.

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@Believe This is a customer community. No one here can help, but we do sympathise.

We understand that it can take up to 8 weeks for O2 to respond to a formal complaint if you want to go down that route. Here is the link: How to Complain | Help | O2

Bear in mind that once a formal complaint is made, customer service can no longer assist you. It's a choice only you can make.

You also have the option of trying to reach O2 via social media:
Facebook (, Twitter (now X) (, or Instagram (


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