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Phone corrupting MicroSD - But card is fine in old phone

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So I woke up today and found my MicroSD card was corrupted in my Xperia Z5 and was telling me to reformat it, after work I tried the card in my old phone I keep for reasons just like this and the SD card was fine, so I used it to back my stuff up.


I put the card back into my Z5, and let it format it, when it's done I go to put the back ups back onto the SD card and it's not showing up, only internal storage, which I now think has changed to "shared" storage, it's not added the 16GB to the internal storage so no idea what that means.


I restart the phone and it says the card is corrupted again. Reformatted it again, and it won't be picked up by the computer again, and when I restarted my phone. Says it's corrupted again.


This is obviously my phone now, and I don't know what to do, I'm currently backing up it's interal storage so I can factory reset it. But if there's any solutions that can help before I have the arduous task of setting my phone up again. I'd appreiciate it.

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Sounds like it's fubar.
Suggest you speak to Sony
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