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Nothing but problems with billing system migration and old number porting

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I feel like this might probably be just screaming into the wind, but since the start of this 'new billing system migration' I've had nothing but problems. Most have been "sorted out".... theoretically, but at each step, more and more problems have arisen, and I'm about an inch of patience away from just ditching o2 altogether, at this point.


I've been with o2 for years, and never really had problems until now, (aside from my home apparently being a signal blackzone in the middle of a major city :p) and my account has both mine and my  elderly mother's phone on it.


First  of all, when we received the letters about needing to contact them about being transferred over to the new billing system, I only received a letter about my mother;s  phone. I called and asked about both anyway, and was told that my own account will be transferred over automatically, and i'd need to contact a different number to get my mother's phone transferred. So we did this. And we encountered the email problem that many other people have had. This wasn't too much of an issue for me, as I have various emails for different purposes. Until the computer system 'went  down' whilst we were trying to set it up. The lady said she'd call us back the next day. She didn't.


So we waited the weekend out. Then called back. Got someone different this time, and he was able to sort my mother's new account and sim etc out. Then he said that was only half the job, and the same would need to be done for mine, and that the other person who said it'd work automatically was wrong.


So we went through the process for mine too. (keep in mind that this is a minimised recollection of all that happened; there were about 2 weeks worth of calling different numbers, hours on hold with that god awful jazz track etc in between)


So, that got set up (after trying 3 different email addresses to no avail with getting the new account running). Fast forward to 30th May, we're waiting for the new sims, and right on midday both our current sims are blocked off by o2. The new sims didn;t even arrive til the next day.


We spent the whole of the next day trying all of the usual avenues to get out phone numbers ported over. No luck.

Eventually, I went to the live chat to ask about it. He told me that since the old sims were from the 'old' system accounts, I'd have to contact the phone number for the team dealing with the old account to new account transfers. 


so 2+ more hours on hold with this team, I get through to be immediately told that nothing can be done because their system is down. Again.


And that's where I sit here, a day later, trying desperately to get through to this department on the phone. for the 'simple' task of getting our old numbers ported over from an o2 pay monthly sim to an o2 pay monthly sim.  There needs to be an easier way of doing this...


Anyway, I guess the tldr of this is, is there any other way of getting our old numbers ported, without sitting on hold for hours at a time to get in contact with a team whose computers don't ever seem to work?

Both my mother and myself are waiting for important hospital phonecalls, which we can't currently do without access to our old phone numbers...

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You can access O2 CS via Facebook or Twitter / X or Instagram, @confusedtanuki - and nudge them every so often for an update. All the ways are in the Social Media link just below - much preferable to hanging on the phone for interminable lengths of time only to get cut-off...

Good luck!

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It is not the main reason for your post @confusedtanuki, but my eye was drawn to your network issues. Assuming that you do stay with O2, you might want to look at :-


Guide: How can I sort out my network issues? 


Guide: Is the network down for me or everyone? 


My Network App - Find Out More About Your Network Coverage | Apps | O2


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Thanks for the suggestion, @Oxonian . I've done all of the things suggested in that link at some time or another, and the issue still persists for myself and anyone that visits my home. It makes phonecalls pretty problematic for this agoraphobic shut-in 😛

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@confusedtanuki Making phone calls from home can be helped using WiFi calling: 

Wifi and 4G Calling explained | O2


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I knew I could send sms via wifi, but didn't realise that wifi calling was a thing that I could do. It's now set to my default calling option, thank you.

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