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New contract - appalling service

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I took out a new contract online yesterday and was advised my phone would be delivered today so I’ve taken the day off work. I’ve called customer services twice today chasing where it is (trying to get through to anyone takes forever!!!!) to be now told 3.15 that it’s not coming as my credit check has been referred?! No notification. No communication. And then told I might get my phone next week. What a complete joke. Really not impressed at all!!! I used to be with O2 years ago and they were great. Regretting taking out this new contract now. Tesco mobile we’re far better. 

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You can always cancel, and o2 do reserve right to check and verify all credit applications, but communications would be good in this situation. 

Until o2 have completed there checks (which can take upto 7 working days) there isn't a lot you can do...

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