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Insurance claims - Loosing the will to live and such

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So after successfully landing my phone at the bottom of a pond this morning I call 02 to claim on my insurance for the handset.

As if I'm not stressed enough as I am expecting some important calls regarding job applications (luckily able to give them an alternative contact number now) I have to endure 98 minutes of being passed from

Lost and stolen dept - Insurance team - Customer Services (63 minutes of my life i'll never get back, mostly on hold) - Insurance team - Customer Services (On hold yet again) - Insurance team - Successful insurance claim (albeit I cannot have the colour of phone that I origionally had as they are out of stock) 


All I can understand from being passed to and from the insurance team and customer services is that CS could not identify that I had inusrance on this particular handset, I've had this issue before and if they were honest and upfront with me I could have given them the insurance reference number I had on the letter in my hand the whole time!! Luckily the third time I was passed to the insurance team I was finally told the truth as to why I was being thrown around like a telephone rag doll but they had found the policy...


Needless to say I was at my wits end with them all towards the actual claim process. I have to say, the last few times I had to call 02 CS there wasn't much service, more like they are testing your patience in the department of incompetent people. Why not cut out the middle man, get the customer's details and pass them to the team that know what they are doing rather than unsuccessfully passing messages to and from?!?

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You could raise a complaint. But by the sounds of it you got it sorted during one, albeit very long call. Some aren't so lucky slight_smile
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Hi @Anonymous welcome to the forum

What a nightmare for you. I hope it is sorted but if you wish to complain as mentioned above then follow this link

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Whenever I call O2 I make sure I hav something to else to do whilst on hold. I once knitted a jumper....

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I wouldn't ever consider o2 insurance - there are far better and cheaper ones available.
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