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Incorrect Billing! - Very VERY Poor Customer Services

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I write to say how VERY badly treated I have been by 02 Customer Services in regards to an incorrect bill... Having been a customer for many years my bill has pretty much been the same month after month, until last month when I had an unusally high bill, nearly 5 times more!.. Having looked at my itemised bill online: 1. I noticed that there have been calls to premium and fishing numbers that I don't even know!  Let alone rung!.. 2. People have received text messages from me that I haven't sent!.. 3. I have noticed that when I send a text to someone once, my 02 bill picks it up and says that I have text them several times!  For example, I text a number four times in one day, but the bill at 02 showed it as 11 times!  And I am being charged for this by 02.. Now I am unable to make calls and text messages as 02 appear to be just adding text messages and calls that I haven't made!!.. 4. On occasions when I have called someone and left a message, weirdly the caller picks up the message identified by my number but by a person they don't know!...... Sadly I have now been disputing this with 02 for over 2 weeks now and they have taken it to the Network Investigations and other investigations blah blah blah but they are saying that there is no problem!!!  When clearly there is... It appears that one of the 02 Customer Service people obviously didn't want to know as they just hung up and when a Manager eventually rang me (after I spent 4 hours continually calling and being fobbed off trying to get hold of a Manager) it appears that they dropped called me, I rang back and they said the Manager had tried to call me!! ... So this is 02 Customer Services!!!!.. Has anyone experienced these problems with their phone and been treated so badly by 02?  

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Just go straight to complaints or google for the CEO's email and try him directly
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Hi @Anonymous It really must be bad luck that you got an advisor unwilling to help. My experience was very different. I was in Spain and my calls kept dropping out as soon as they connected. (charging me 50p every time it happened and I had to dial the number a second and often a 3rd time) The advisor lookerd at my bill and agreed there was no way I would ring someone and 'hang up' after a few seconds. He refunded me for every dropped call. All this ...when it was probably a spanish network issue.

My point is you could ring on another day and get someone a lot more sympathetic....

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