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Help choosing a phone

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I curreently have an HTC U11, however the battery is showing signs of age (short life in when outside in the cold) and the screen is cracked.


I've hung onto the U11 for so long because it is fast, has a good camera and the screen isn't too small - not a bad thing for ageing eyes!


I've always been tempted by the Huawei P30, but only the standard as I don't like curved edges on screens.  Samsung seem over priced for what you get and the camera on the A71 seems inferior when compared instore to my U11.  However I'm not entirely sure I feel comfortable with the Huawei brand and it's previous bad press - but everybody who has a Huawei P30 speaks highly of them.


I hope people can help me look at alternatives.

  • Must not have a screen with curved edges
  • Must have a good camera, equal or better than the HTC U11's
  • Must have a good screen size, but not enormous!
  • Must be a brand I can trust - if not known brand, please provide a brief insight
  • I prefer the camera notch at the centre of the screen, but this isn't really a deal breaker

Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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You won't go far wrong with a OnePlus.
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I wouldn't touch any of the BBK electronics brands (OnePlus, Oppo, Realme and more), as they are currently consolidating all their technology, and merging a lot of Oppo and OnePlus together.

Huawei is good for cameras, but have a limited app eco system since being banned from using Google services (but this can be worked around) on some handsets

I would have a look at the Motorola G Series or the Nokia's who both have good value and good screens and are reputable brands.



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