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Hello all,


Maybe I have missed the whole point of this customer forum. I really thought it was a place to view your thoughts and experience with 02 and all related devices. 


After one moan about my experience with customer service which I found out were ill equipped to deal with my enquiry and issue I have been subject to being called racist and received unwelcome and unpleasant private messages.


The content of the messages don't bother me, I am too old to be intimidated by them but what has shocked and disappointed me is that I cannot in all honestly state my experience.


Yes I did say the call centre was in India, I did say I was told by the supervisor I was having a live chat with that he was an Indian national and resident in India. I did say that my issue had not been resolved as I believed that I was not being understood well enough. 


If that makes me a racist, I give up. We are so PC now that I cannot in all sincerity state my experience without being hounded? This is madness I believe.


I am sure there are many well meaning people on this forum who will only try and help others get their various issues sorted out but for me personally, no, this forum does not work. That is obviously not to say the forum is not working, it is me who is not fitting in. 


The whole point of a forum is for people to have their say. I have had mine. Disliked a lot of responses. Realised that I have nothing in common with many of the other 02 customers on here so will take myself off. Rant over. Thank you and bye.



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It works for some but not for others. As I said before, we are all responsible for what and how we reply to others and how the meaning comes across. I hope you get your issue sorted soon but the only real way, if it's account related, is to try and call' The complaints link posted in other threads contains a different complaint chat link. You could also try the mobile chat link.


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Hi @Anonymous

The forum works well for me. In fact I would go as far as to say I probably have learnt more about mobiles and O2's policies and practices from the customers who are forum members here. I am abroad currently and one of my first queries to the forum was made whilst in Spain and having problems with my new contract phone. I had no need to contact CS as the response I got from this place resolved the issue. I was (and still am) technically challenged...but have learnt a lot from this place. By the way, I gave you the complaint link in your other thread. You do have to follow the procedure as stated within the link ...

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I think your previous posts did come over in a way that was less "PC" than we are all used to. However I agree, to a digree, about uk company's having foreign call centres, but the location is irrelevant. If the call centre was in Australia I would still have the same view of UK company's not providing uk jobs. I'm not convinced you would still have the same issues.

Your not the only one to be misunderstood or finding it hard to "fit in", I'm not exactly Mr popular around here, and I've had run ins with a few members, but I'm still here because misunderstanding can be sorted and the forum does need different opinions, it is how they are put over that may cause "grumbles". Anyone sending nasty messages should be reported to @Toby

Hope you decide to stick around.
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Hi guys,

I'm closing this discussion, as it refers in part to events that I am handling via PM and its better discussed there.


Everyone has the right to have their say of opinions, likes, dislikes, frustrations, wants, needs, the list goes on. As long as it is constructive and respectful of everyone. Its the foremost priority for us here at O2 Community.


If anyone ever sees a anything they do not like, please let myself and my team know. We are to here to provide a harmonious place to spend your time, but we need your help in doing that slight_smile

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