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Default on my account

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hello all,


good evening and hope you are all well.


I took out an O2 SIM only contract in  sep 2022  I cancelled the contract 14 days later, as I changed my mind. I never used the O2 sim, and the O2 customer services team assured that the account has been closed with no payments to be made.



Today afternoon I got a phone call from my financial advisor who is processing my application for the remortgage of my house. He said I have a bad (Poor) credit rating - 649 out of 999. He said it has dropped down from 965 in January 2022to 649 in December due to O2 placing a default note on my account. I checked my credit file and found he was right.


My advisor has warned me that the agreement in principle I have for my remortage will not be converted to an offer (or the funds won't be issued) as banks are running checks on credit files until the remortgage is compeleted. I now have a potential remortgage application rejection (or worst remortage falling thru) at the last minute.


I have called customer services at O2 again today and they have assured me that there was nothing to pay on my account and have shared the credit file referrals team email address with me. I have written to the credit file referrals team and explained my situation. But I am not sure if the error can be rectified in time for my remortgage to process smoothly. I have only 4 weeks for completion and I really need a written confirmation from O2 that there are no issues with my account and the credit file has to be updated to show the correct credit rating.


Has anyone been in the same situation before and can anyone help me please?

Any of the O2 gurus or the admins  - can you please guide me. 

im going though so much stress . I have received a two email saying they will removed from my file but its been over a month no one doing nothing about it . Every time call them they just ignore me saying some one will call . I have requested call from manager but yet no response .  
some one plz help me 




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Regretfully it is not an unfamiliar story.

And Regretfully there are no longer O2 agents here, the last being withdrawn in the summer 

As customers there is little we can do

The people who need to handle this are Payment Management 

You can get in touch with Payment Management team on 0800 902 0217 


Payment Management opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm

Saturday – 8am to 6pm

Sunday – 9am to 6pm

Good Luck


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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