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Awful customer service.....deleted number....their mistake....3 weeks......£200 upgrade

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Registered: long story short......

This all started with a simple change of bank details....if you have the patience to beat with me, thank you because I am at the end of my wits with this situation and dont actually know where to turn....

My husband got a SIM only contract on his mother's account (as he had no bank details with him) he was assured on the day this was a simple switch over the phone when he got home to get his card. HARDLY! 

He phoned up to get my bank details put on his contract (I organise the bills for us) and the told us 24 hour..... 4 weeks later his mum tells me her bill came out, but she can't see it on her account! So, instead of my husband's contract being put on my account, my bank details were put on his mum's account....I'm. not paying 3 O2 bills (including my own).

I phone up .... Ask them to reverse this and fix it . ... Cut to 2.5 hours later, being transferred (and I s*it you not) 6!!! Times.....I get put though to sales to buy a new contract.....then when I ask for a manager, the line goes dead.....



The next day.....45 mins on hold.....transferred 4 times

...2.5 hours later.....agent tells me I should have told the last agent I wanted bank transfer.....then the LINE GOES DEAD AGAIN.


I have spent almost 5 hours on the phone and at least 4 hours in store and they can or fix their mistake. 


I smashed my phone the other day to top it off, so need an upgrade. I told them I wasn't paying for it as this is going on 3 weeks, waiting on transfers of ownership that never happened and change of numbers that never happened.


I have 2 tiny kids and a diabetic husband and no contact when I am at work because of this. To top it off I am paying for a temporary contract in the mean time.


Can i argue my upgrade fee???? 

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@FionaHarkin This is a customer community. All we can offer is sympathy for your plight, and a link to lodge a formal complaint: How to Complain | Help | O2 The Resolver link within that link has produced results, so we're told. It's an independent review service. Good luck.


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