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iPhone 5S - In Recovery Mode

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My 13 month old (and still not finished paying for it on contract) 5S has been turning itself off at random times since the last iOS update.  Sometimes with as much as 27% battery it will reboot.


It did it Wednesday night and when I turned it back on it simply has the Apple logo on the screen.


I have been on the Apple Support site on my laptop with iTunes installed and found that this is called Recovery Mode.  I have followed the instructions on setting it up on iTunes to restore.


iTunes downloads something and then says it is expanding some files and whilst this crawls along, the phone drops the iTunes/cable image off the screen. I left it overnight and it simply comes up to say that iTunes can’t find the phone.


Can anyone suggest what to do?


At the moment I am not happy to have to pay £44 a month for nothing. If I take it into the local O2 shop (getting support from O2 on the phone has been pretty rubbish) for help will that be any good?

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Do you have an Apple store local ?

If so book a genius appointment via and they'll sort it hopefully and's hardware issues and the phone is under 12 months old.they'

If.your.over they will.charge a replacement fee if you agree.

Or seek assistance from where you bought it from if that's not agreeable.

Help link :
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I don't have a local Apple Store and as it is over 12 month sold a swap put looks remote.  I can takeit into the O2 Store and see....


Any ideas why it won't recover/restore from iTunes?

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The Op says the phone is 13 months old? I wonder then how much this sort of issue will cost to put right...

A lot of money being paid monthly for a non working phone slight_frown

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Look at the link I've pasted in from Apple.

O2 will offer to send it off which is at your discretion if your happy to let O2 repairs have it. Many wouldn't.

Also look at house insurance or bank account cover as some offer mobile phone replacement. Check their T&C and excess fees would probably apply.
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Thank you , Yes Cleoriff I did see that. I was explainjng what Apples warranty status is on Apple phones.
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Apples warranty is 12 months.
You could argue your case with O2 and see if that gets you anywhere.
My suspicion is that the phone is full and if that is the case load up iTunes on a different PC to the one you have your backups on and recover the phone and set it up as new.
If this works you can go back to the other PC to restore your latest backup.
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