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Newbie using O2 tu go app abroad

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Hi All am completely new to all this so please bear with me. I rang O2 c s a few days ago and was told about a new O2 tu go App I have downloaded this App can someone help me through it as I am an older person and have ended up with a big. Bill a few years ago for leaving my phone in a safe in Cuba whilst Ill there in hospital I had left my phone switched on 4 days and my apps kept updating a lot wiser now but tu go is completely new to me never heard of it . Do I have it right ? I have a £13.60?monthly contract . Is it as I was told AAS LONG AS I AM. CONNECTED TO MY HOTELS FREE WI FI MY MOBILE DATA SWITCHED OFF I CAN CALL THE U K AND IT WILL BE JUST THE SAME AS USING MY MINUTES AT HOME ? ALSO TEXT MESSAGING MY TEXTS WILL ALSO COME OUT OF MY ALLOWANCE ? I CANT AFFORD A BIG BILL WHICH SEEMS TO BE HITTING SOME O2 CUSTOMERS ALSO WHAT ABOUT MY DATA ALLOWANCE DOES IT USE THAT OBVIOUSLY THEY WILL CHARGE FOR PICTURE MESSAGES. BUT I CAN USE WHATS APP ?FACEBOOK FACETIME WITH NO CHARGE FROM ANYWHERE IN WORLD AND ANYTHING TO DO WITH F B OR WHATS APP IS NOT CHARGED BY O2 unless I have my data roaming switched on ??? Seems abit too good to be true plus I could not understand the lady's accent at O2 and to add to the mix AM abit deaf any help would be really appreciated thanks JO
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Hi @Anonymous

They have given you the right info about TuGo You can make calls and text over Wifi

I go abroad a lot (Spain) I never use TuGo personally.. but use Wifi all the time to keep in touch with family if needed. I use Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype.

I also have the O2 travel app.

The main things to remember before you travel

1) Turn mobile data OFF

2) Turn Voicemail off 1760... and when you get home 1750 to turn back on

3) Use Wifi as much as you can

One of our members @jonsie is abroad at the moment and he uses Tugo all the time. I expect he will be on later to give further info about this.

Rest assured you can go abroad and if you follow advice given here your bill will remain low...

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The main thing to remember is to switch mobile data off just before you leave these shores by whatever mode of transport.

Just use wifi for all your apps, browsing and TuGo or if your phone is unlocked use a local sim card.

Even with mobile data off you can send and receive texts, make and receive calls with your o2 sim in the phone.

Personally I use a Thai sim card but use Tugo over wifi for any texts or calls I make back to the UK. That way they come from my allowance and it means I can make use of my contract for the months I'm here and I drill receive texts via the app from family and friends.

TuGo is registered to your contract number and will work whatever sim card you have or even with no sim card. 

Anything you aren't sure of, please ask.

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Any calls you make or texts that you send must also be done through the tugo app and not the normal phone apps.
For countries outside of Europe I would suggest switching on airplane mode then turn on wifi and use phone like that whilst abroad.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Awesome advice guys.
I'm sure this thread has clarified many of @Anonymous 's questions.
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