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Samsung - back coming off

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Hi. First time posting here so not sure what to expect. I have a Samsung Galaxy A9 and recently, the back has started peeling away which has resulted in the phone frequently switching itself off and needing charged constantly. Has anyone else experienced this? I have read elsewhere that it is a manufacturing fault to do with the battery expanding but I'm unsure what to do about it.


Thanks in advance.

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O2 Support
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Hi @Stuartybrown,


I've seen and experienced this a few times with some Samsung models.


Did you buy the phone directly from O2? I'd recommend booking an appointment with one of our gurus at your local store here


Your battery might very well be swollen and can happen with the age of the battery. We don't sell replacement batteries but we'll be able to recommend a few solutions. 


As the phone is a few years old now it might be worth looking at upgrade options if that's within budget. It might work out cheaper than what you're currently paying.

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Is yours the 2016 or 2018 version of the A9?

Replacement batteries are less than £10 and unlikely to be covered by warranty for either of the A9 versions due to age.

Batteries can fail in this way if overcharged as a result of using the wrong or defective charger and leaving them charging overnight constantly.

You cheapest option would be a new battery off eBay and change it yourself. There are guides on YouTube and it's not difficult to do.

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