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Pixel 6 pro my first impressions

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Hi everyone. I pre ordered the pixel 6 pro and I've had it almost a week. My first impressions...


First swapping from Apple to android on this phone might be a chore, I would say use an app like phone clone and you'll get pretty much all your apps and data onto the pixel. 


The interface actions are slightly different to android 11 so no back arrow or icons on the bottom it takes a bit to figure out the back swipe to go back and the half swipe up to toggle between open apps, this is also how to close apps. My apps and all android data has copied over and seems to sync better than my previous android phone.


The camera is brilliant, really good fun to use and enough pro settings to keep most budding photographers happy. Anything 20mp up you can enlarge to A1 size so you can use this camera for many situation. 


I'm getting used to the interface now. I've sorted my apps into their spaces and virtual "boxes".


So much more to explore. I doubt I'll be returning it within the 14 day period. 


Yes if you're new to pixel you'll have to get used to the interface, but it's quite intuitive, if you can't figure it out "Google" it and you'll get several YouTube videos and written instructions on how to do what you need. 


The phone itself is quite large, I purposely chose the pro so I don't always need my glasses. It weighs about the same as other similar size phones. 


It looks gorgeous though, I got the cream coloured one, I'll admit I didn't actually notice which colour I had ordered, oops, but was pleasantly surprised. It's very classy not too feminine, that blokes won't like it. Plus we'll all probably get a case, and it'll take any colour gel case. 


It's really slippery glass. Super smooth, so if you have any manual dexterity problems you'll need a gel case so you can grip the phone without it slipping. It will slide off almost any surface. That probably because of... The camera unit on the back means the phone doesn't sit flat but that doesn't bother me. A gel case will protect it and makes the camera feel less bulky. The screen, super sharp! The colours are great. I find the fingerprint scan much faster and more reliable than my old phone. No face recognition, but as a woman who sometimes wears makeup, sometimes not, sometimes glasses in the mix, face recognition was unreliable for me.   Of course I'll get a screen protector, I prefer hydrogel protectors as I find they work better with in screen fingerprint reader. 


Speakers, louder than my previous phone. Be careful making calls as even not on loud speaker it's loud. Oh and lock your screen as I've cut off calls with my cheek!


All in all the first week has gone well. 

Getting used to no gallery, but Google photos is a change for me and I need to adapt to it. But it's a small change. 


It's a reasonable price for what you're getting. And you're getting a lot of phone with the pixel 6 pro  The pixel 6 if you want something a bit smaller I reckon will be fab too. 


Oh and I am buying this phone, I'm not affiliated with either O2 or Google. 


Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions about the handset. 

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@Frannamstyle Hi, thanks for the review - It's a great insight. Have you tried the Magic Eraser camera function yet? I read a review and it was a bit hit or miss, but it's an interesting feature though.

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Hi it's ok, but not as good as proper photo editing software. It depends how big a section you want to erase. Small things in the background it handles ok. In my test with busy background in the woods I could erase a small dog. I expect this would "show up" if the photo was enlarged beyond 5"x7" size. 

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Thanks for your insight. The context aware cloning may need more data before the algorithm is more usable. I suspect this will improve with updates.


Have you took any photographs with the telephoto zoom? What are the images like in general compared to other premium mobile products? 

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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Registered: this might help you if you want the home back and recent button instead of swipe also look up simple gallery or gallery go by Google if you don't like using Google photos nice review edited to ad last 2 links

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