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Galaxy SII Purchased from CPW: ICS : where to complain?

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hey everyone, 


I purchased my Samsung Galaxy SII from Carphone Warehouse, and this means I received an unbranded phone (XEU)- a decision made for the obvious advantage of not having stock 'bloatware' 'brandware' from the operators.


However (and most of you branded people must be laughing yourselves silly at this) It means that we only get upgrades to the CPW or XEU firmware- of which ICS (Android 4.0) has been recently announced as being delayed until every operator has received theirs - apparently to [annoy their customers who paid losts of silly money for a sim free mobile phone] allow for a bug free transfer.


Samsung themselves are excremental at communicating this- but it has left me irritated as hell and I wonder if anyone knows of somewhere where I can say to the decison makers and PR people- 'This was a terrible decision to release crappy, buggy firmware in a staggered format and you really should have done better for your UK customers'


I have to say- this whole thing will make me think closely when I upgrade again- do I want to be left behind other 02 customers, even though I am paying the same as them?


Anyways- if anyone knows a contact, sympathises with my plight and is still able to type after falling about laughing reading my post- please post a contact- or something to soothe my anger..



Irritated owner of a samsung GSII tongue  

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you understand that with your phone that o2 will not release ICS to you for upgrade but Samsung will when they decide to get around to it for the other devices as well.

iechyd da

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I understand that it is not 02- but that wont prevent me for blaming them, at least partially, for the situation- if they had not (like other providers) insisted on having their bloatware on the phones then their would not need to be staggered releases of the firmware. 


My criticsm is directed mostly at the incompetant PR people at Samsung, who could not organise a ***-up in a brewery. The roll out of ICS has been so badly managed and is not helped that communication is so incredibly poor- every delay just adds further insult to injury. 



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If anyone is to blame here it's Samsung.


Essentially Google create the basecode and OEM handset providers add their skin, for network providers to customise (apparently it's a bit more than just adding a few apps and a boot logo). For SIM-Free, there is no real choice other than waiting on the OTA from Samsung. Or going the ODIN route and downloading the relevant files yourself.


I'm kind of stuck in limbo here with my Samsung Nexus S, as I don't yet have a working upgrade to ICS 4.0.4 which fixes a few things such as the battery bug (the kernel was tweaked).


Also it doesn't help when all these technology sites speculate and Samsung mislead people. Also not every one in the world uses Twitter, so it's not a good idea to announce delays there.


 I've been waiting since January for an OTA update to pushed my Nexus. And I did get my ICS update on the S 2 at the end of March. So you're not alone in your frustration.


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it's not o2 or samsung i blame but google as if they stick to their guns and told makers & carriers to let ics go as is then it be a lot better for all.

iechyd da

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Even if all devices ran 'raw' Android it would still need modifying for each make and model. Just look at the likes of Cyanogen - it does not come out for the whole family of phones at the same time.

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