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Official Complaint Letter Ignored

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Is it normal for 02 to completely ignore formal complaints letter?

They have completely trashed my 3 accounts with the wrong numbers on the wrong bills 2 x Contracts very long standing and one PAYG. I have  2 accounts which have been out of  Contract for years and now suddenly they have put on one of the accounts that I renewed on 1st March. I visited a store where I was so rudely treated I left in tears and things have gone even worse since then.

Upon entering store I began by saying that since a recent purchase of 2 new phones and transferring numbers things had gone wrong. As soon as I said I did not purchase from O2 they told me they could not/would not help and to go back to whomever I bough them from!

I have tried on and off for weeks to get through on the phone no joy so wrote an official complaint which has been totally fine ignored for over 5 weeks now. 
should I now go straight to the Ombudsman now?

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You can go to the Ombudsman if you don't have a response after 8 weeks or with a letter of deadlock from O2.

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