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Introducing community badges

Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce the addition of a new feature to the O2 community, badges! Community badges are an award that you can earn by completing certain actions on the community such as creating topics, posting replies and various other a...

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Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Future O2 products & services. Get involved!

Hey everyone, On the O2 Community we regularly trial and beta test various products and services that we're considering bringing to the market. This has allowed us to involve many of our members who have helped provide feedback, comments and thoughts...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Phishing, Smishing & Scams. Latest info & advice.

SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE - iOS 14.8 (Zero Click Malware) We have seen news and media reports of a zero click malware vulnerability within iOS that has been patched with the latest iOS 14.8 update. Please see more info below and update your devices as so...

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Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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Help & Support from O2 during COVID-19

Hello, and welcome to the O2 Community.If you're reading this, it's likely because you're looking for information or you're having issues getting through to our Customer Services by phone or through our social media. Remember, you can manage your acc...

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Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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Welcome to O2!

Hi there! After the initial excitement and elation of ordering or picking up your shiny new phone and sim you may have a few questions. We want to make your journey with O2 as easy and simple as possible so we have asked our community members to help...

Marjo by Former Staff
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How to find help & contact O2: A Guide

Hi everyone, People often search and ask here on the Community how to get in touch with O2 about different types of queries. We've made the below guide and suggestions based on these questions and I hope it's helpful if you're not sure who to contact...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Welcome to the O2 Community! Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining the O2 Community! (Or if you haven't yet but would like to, you can register here!). I'm very happy to welcome you here. The O2 Community is a great place to get help and advice on O2 products and services, provide fee...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Big News today - O2 Priority Sports

Absolutely thrilled to announce the all new #O2PrioritySports. It's powered by Nike+. Priority and sport, evolved. Text 'SPORTS' to 2020 to pre-register. We'd love to hear your comments...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Welcome on-board

Welcome to our new home everyone! As we announced earlier, it gives us great pleasure to launch our brand new O2 Community to you all today. It’s a breath of fresh air, take a look around to get familiar with some of the new features we’ve got for yo...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Ask the Director: How can we make your life even better connected?

Hi Everyone, Ever wonder if you could ask a question or forward an idea directly to a person who is involved in making top decisions for our company? Well, here's that wonderful opportunity for you! On Tuesday, we’re conducting our first ever Virtual...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Use devices like a Secret Agent?

Are you working on a secret project and want your data super secured? Here's a memory stick that can be tracked remotely from anywhere if its lost and can even self-destruct its content with your command if needs be. (http://bbc.in/Ix4SVi) What piece...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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O2 Home Phone Discount

We’ve got a special discount running this month for our Home Broadband customers. Recently, we’ve also sent out letters to our legacy Home Broadband customers who’ve Standard, Premium and Pro packages for encouraging them to join O2 Home Phone. If yo...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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O2 Priority Moments isn’t just on your handheld any more. It’s actually in your hands!

Yesterday, we asked our fans and followers on twitter and facebook around our fabulous O2 Priority Moments. We’re delighted to share some figures and interest that we’ve gathered for you - A total of over £7.5m have been saved by our customers in tot...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Next big thing? 4G

Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.5 seconds. On our 4G trial you could download a video of it on your mobile in less than 0.5 seconds. Impressive right? Have a look at the video (http://www.o2.co.uk/network/future) and share any thoughts you may have! O...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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O2 Wallet is here

Exciting news, We recognise that today, people want to do everything quicker. And that includes paying for things. While you might leave the house without your wallet or purse, you'd never leave home without your mobile. So we had a thought. What if ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Life with Technology!

Technology seems to be a part of our everyday life nowadays. From mobile devices to notebooks, gadgets that consist of new technology have become a part of our daily life. Students from an early age are now using some form of technology for enhanced ...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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