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What is the Community Rewards Programme?

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Hi everyone,


Some of you might know already about the Community Rewards, as you've been participating on our forum in previous months (some of you for years!). However, if you're not yet aware of our Community Rewards programme, I've included some information about it below. slight_smile


What is the Community Rewards programme?

Each month we like to recognise those many people who contribute on our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to O2 and mobile, and just generally keeping the community a fun place to be. To say thank you, we currently reward those members each month with credit towards their Pay Monthly bill or Pay as You Go account.

There are different tiers of Rewards based on different levels of activity: Gold (£20), Silver (£10), Bronze (£5).


How to participate?

All registered community members are automatically entered! If you're not a member yet, you can register here. The more you participate, the more chance you have for qualifying for the Rewards and climbing up the different tiers.


You can participate on our forum in lots of different ways, here's a few examples:

  • Asking a question from the community when you need help
  • Answering other members' questions when you want to help others
  • Posting feedback about your O2 experience or product
  • Contributing in or starting general discussions
  • Encouraging others and saying thank you when you appreciate someone's posts
  • Writing a review of your mobile device or other O2 product/service
  • Writing a how-to guide to help other members

All of these actions contribute to the general well-being of our community, and thus count towards your possible monthly Community Reward. Smiley Happy


How do you know if you're part of the Rewards?

We normally post the Rewards topic in the Welcome & News board at the beginning of each month (see February 2019 as an example) and list all the rewarded members. You should get an email notification from this if you were listed. The list includes a general list of those names who have qualified, and we will let you know via PM which tier you reached when you claim your reward.


How to claim your Reward?

Once you see your username listed in the Rewards topic, make sure to remember to send a PM (Private Message here on the forum) to one of our Community Management team members with your O2 mobile number that you want rewarded. Please note: rewards are not available for O2 staff members.


When and how do I find the credit on my account?

You can normally expect the credit to appear on your account within a month's time from claiming your reward. This might vary though depending on your next billing date. Please remember to send the PM to us claiming your reward as soon as possible so everyone can get their reward added in time. Do feel free to send us a PM if you notice any issues with your reward though and we'll check it out for you. Smiley Happy


Check out this handy guide by our member @gmarkj on how to find your Reward in your My O2 account. 



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@mickyyo wrote:

Hi @mickyyo ...have you got a question about the Rewards programme?

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@mickyyo wrote:

Hi and welcome to the Community @mickyyo , you have just qualified to be included wink

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Very informative post by @Marjo  about the 02 Community Rewards programme. And very generous of 02. I always look forward to my Community Reward each month. It's give my mobile phone credit a bit of a boost which is nice.



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