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Try the Tech - What Devices would you like to see? Tell us!

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Hi guys,


Try The Tech is going well I think, but our team is always on the lookout to add more devices to the list! We've recently added some new Microsoft devices, but we have the potential option of adding more.


I would love for all of you to let me know the devices you would like to see the most. Please list a good few, as the more we have to work on, the netter result we can give to you slight_smile


Also, give a reason why if you wish, as this is also helpful


So, post about the devices you want to see!

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SoC is basically the entire brains of the device on one chip instead of several.


in PC terms, you get the motherboard which houses the CPU, a separate graphics card, memory (RAM) and everything else (HD, disc tray, etc) links on to it.


the SoC basically has the CPU, GPU and RAM on one chip - reducing size and power consumption and minimising delay for retrieving and processing information. hence the faster chips as the size reduces (up to a point anyway).

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