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The Nokia 1 Plus Launched!

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Hi everyone, 


Interested in stepping up to a smarter phone? The Nokia 1 Plus has a 5.45 inch screen for enjoying movies, an 8MP camera for crystal clear snaps, an interchangeable back cover, and is now available in Black on O2!


Picture of the Nokia 1 Plus

Say cheese


Take shareworthy pictures with your Nokia 1 Plus. It’s got an 8MP main camera, so you can capture each moment as you see it. There’s even an LED flash, so you can take clearer snaps in low light. Time for a selfie? Switch to the 5MP front camera. It’s got a beautify feature, so it’ll always catch you in your best light.


See more, scroll less

Make the most of your downtime, with the Nokia 1 Plus. It’s got a 5.45 inch display, so you’ll be able to catch all the details when you’re streaming movies or playing games. But it's not just about streaming media. Whether you're looking back on old photos or checking Facebook, you'll be able to see more and scroll less.


Switch up your style

You don’t wear the same outfit every day. Why should your phone? The Nokia 1 Plus comes with a removable back cover, so you can switch up the style to match what you’re wearing. And it’s made from polycarbonate, so it’s tough enough to survive busy days.


Enjoy the Android experience

Get more from your phone, with Android 9 Pie. It’s free from hefty apps and clunky skins, so it takes up to 50% less space. And it’s optimised for affordable phones like the Nokia 1 Plus, so you’ll get a faster, smoother experience using less data, battery and storage.


Don't forget as well that if you want to upgrade from your existing phone or tablet, you can receive a cash payment when you upgrade in-store or online at O2 Recycle


We'd love to know what you guys think of this device,

and if anyone is interested in getting their hands on it! smiley

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It is what it is, a cheap backup phone or suitable for light users and possibly young juniors first phone.


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Not applicable
Doesn't look appealing to me.
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And don't forget it's comes with ow bloat lol or updates have to go through o2 first lol
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