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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Interesting... I think the o2 rep you spoke to had no idea and tried to fob you off and dug himself a hole and didn't want to admit to it. I spoke to 3 different o2 reps once via phone and twice via chat and they all did not have a clue about who/what/when/how about this promotion.

No reason for people to lie on here unless they are fake profiles from O2 staff....!
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

@Anonymous could you please share the email address you replied to

Perhaps we can use that email address to check our status
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

@Anonymous Hope this is good enough,

Your post with his email address, the O2 picking order, and the tablet itself, been here since yesterday.


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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Viridis, that's very kind of you and quite helpful (if others can also send, that will be great help). I will send this to Mohammed Anais (Customer Services) and see what he says. Will also send it to Ronan Dunne (CEO Telefonica UK), Matthew Key (Chairman & CEO of Telefonica Digital UK), Phil Jordan (Group CIO), Brendan O'Rourke (CIO UK), Dave Williams (CTO O2), Adrian Coles (Global Head of Devices), Dudley Rees (Board Programme Office). Hope they recognize the rot.

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Marketing and advertising: the law

Regulations that affect advertising

Advertising to consumers

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations mean you can’t mislead or harass consumers by, for example:

  • including false or deceptive messages
  • leaving out important information
  • using aggressive sales techniques

Read ‘The consumer protection from unfair trading regulations’ for the rules on advertising legally.

** Also, thinking about Small Claims Court, but there is a problem (the maximum you can claim for is £10,000 - two zeros are missing).

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Im still have faith that @Toby  good to his word and will come back this morning after finding out the infomation required to put every ones mind at rest and confirm that O2 is not just doing this in any old haphazard way which is what all of us are concerned about: only that that this is being done by O2s own stated rules and O2 just talk to us.

I also notice a lot of new names coming into this thread that ive not seen before so in my view O2 really needs to get a grip on this as the way its being handled currently is NOT the way to be doing it! If this does in deed go higher up the food chain id hate to be the one whos been aware of this and then have been caught sitting on my hands when this goes to BBC Watchdog.

Ive spent this morning screen-shoting relevant pages of the forum in case this ends up getting deleted! 

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

The O2 rep is a liar, I received mine yesterday. I came across this forum on 1st May by chance because I searched o2 xperia z2 on twitter and someone tweeted about it. I have followed it since to get any information regarding what is going on. I have a feeling that the site went live again because of the amount of problems with this whole promotion. I would not be surprised if they are honouring all preorders now after validation. They have their 2000 wifi only and I believe the ones with 4G are the ones which were preordered and claimed first, which is probably why they are doing it in a random order. They know how many preorders they sent, so probably just working through them to see who has wifi and 4G. I hope you all hear soon and have so far not heard that anyone has been refused. The worst thing about this promotion has been the problems with the site, not doing what they said, like texting straight away and lack of Communication. My issue has never been having to wait for the tablet, but the lack of knowing, and the worry of missing out because of an error that was not my fault and then no tablets left. I worried less after reading this forum as I realised if that happened I had a chance to complain.
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

@Anonymous which is great obviously, but then lets have O2 come here and say that as without them talking to us yout theory (though most probably correct) is just as legitimate as the other theory which is that O2 is handing them out nilly-willy  as that fits the current patterns too Smiley Happy

Currently there are plenty of people who have no email, no text and no tablet.

If what your saying is true then @Toby will confirm that today as he said he would and then its problem solved, we can all wait happily.

Again to labour a point, its not difficult, just speak to us! let us know as customers whats going on and if you dont know your self, find some one who does and communicate that back.

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

I will post this once more for clarity.


Those that are upset and fed up with the lack of information please all follow the full o2 complaints process and lodge a full complaint with the complaint review service for an impartial review all the information is contained in the link at the bottom of ecery o2 webpage including this but here is the link http://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain/complain


This is the only certain way o2 will get the message about what has gone wrong and then put it right.

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Hi TheOnlyPaulV,

As soon as I have more info I shall update you. Hopefully this will be today but I have not said that this was guaranteed. Rest assured, I'll be doing all I can.

To those of you who sent me private messages last night, I shall tend to them today. I have not purposefully chosen to ignore any of them, so please do not assume this. My shift had ended. Many thanks.
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