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Say hello to Aura, your virtual assistant from O2

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Get personalised support. View your bills. And find out how much data you’ve got left. All by chatting with Aura in the My O2 app!


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If you have recently updated your My O2 app, you can now chat to Aura. Aura can give you personalised support and more general advice. For example, Aura can help you understand your bill, let you know how much data you’ve got left, help with roaming questions and provide network support. We’re always looking to improve Aura, so you can get the support you need.


If Aura can’t give you an answer, just tap the “?” icon to see a list of topics you can get help with. Or, ask Aura to transfer you to one of our advisors. We’re available from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. So it’s easier than ever to get help with your O2 account.


 Find out more here.


Current Support

Aura can currently help with a number of different questions and personalised journeys, from asking ‘How much data do I have left’ to ‘Show me last month’s bill’ – and we are always looking to add more to Aura’s ever expanding knowledge.



💬 I have higher charges why?

💬 Tell me what bundles I have?

💬 How much data have I used?

💬 Where is my nearest store?

💬 How much does it cost to use my phone in Spain?

💬 How do I unlock my phone?

💬 Can I send picture texts or MMS?

💬 Can I speak to customer service?


Your chance to help build the future

We really want to give our community members the chance to help support the development of Aura and shape the things she can help with in the future.


We would like to invite any interested members to join us in a space we have created to work closely with O2 to help develop Aura for the future – this would include testing new journeys, suggesting ideas for journeys and feeding back any information that can help. We would look to share regular updates and information, give an insight into future developments and look for your advice on where to go next.


Of course, being an O2 Pay Monthly customer would be helpful so you can have Aura in your My O2 app, but don’t worry - even if you are on Pay As You Go or Business you can still get involved in other ways, for example by suggesting what questions Aura should understand. We are even happy to get you involved even if you are not on O2  - we would still love to hear your ideas and feedback, but there may be elements you won’t be able to test/trial.  


If you are interested in taking part in this beta testing, let us know in the comments!


In the meantime, have a play about in the My O2 App, and let us know how you get on with Aura! slight_smile

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Any word on when Aura's voice recognition interface will be back in service?


My Google Pixel 4a definitely has VR, and the permissions are set for the app so it can access the mic etc 

App is version 12.3.24 from Google Play Store.

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Sorry we couldn't give you an update on this yet @pgn. Unfortunately, the team is still looking into this, testing and trialling as to why this isn't working. 


I will update you once we have any news! Thanks a lot for your patience slight_smile

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