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Samsung Galaxy Note7 - Update from O2

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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27th February 2017 Update

Hi Everyone. This week we will be posting letters out to any customers who have not yet made arrangements with us to return their Samsung Note7 devices. If for any reason you misplace or do not receive it for whatever reason, here's a copy:


We’ll soon block the Note7 from our network. It’s important that you get in touch today and we’ll get you back on track with a new device.

We’ll make switching to a different device simple, and give you £100 off the upfront cost. Or, if you prefer, we’ll cancel your Airtime Plan. Either way, we’ll cancel and refund your Device Plan.

Is your Samsung Note7 insured with us? We’ll also cancel your policy and refund your premium.

Simply back up your Note7, turn it off and call our hotline 0344 809 0202 or 202 free from an O2 mobile. Need a hand backing it up? Chat to an O2 Guru online.

For more details, visit

If you’ve already called us, please ignore this letter.


30th January 2017 Update

Hello everyone,

Samsung have notified us of their plans to release a new mandatory software update that will limit Note 7 devices to a 0% charge, effectively eliminating its ability to function as a mobile device. This software update is expected to be pushed out tomorrow, 31st January, so if you are still using this device (which we don't recommend for your safety) please take any necessary steps to back up any important data while you can.

Why are you doing this?
To be transparent and clear, this is Samsung’s decision and is European-wide. This is a further step in Samsung looking to retrieve as many devices as possible so as to ensure customer safety.

I'm still using my Note 7 - what now?
Once your device downloads the mandatory update it will cease to charge. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and we want to make transitioning to another device as easy as possible. If you are affected by this, please contact us as soon as is convenient on 0344 809 0202. We will also be in touch in the coming days by email and letter with more details, including how to change to another device and return your Note 7 to us if not yet done so.

I've already returned my Note 7 - what does this mean to me?
If you've already returned your Note 7 to us, there's nothing further you need to do. If you're in this position, we anticipate you'll already have switched to an alternative device. If this isn’t the case though, we’d recommend you speak to us as soon as you’re able to on 0344 809 0202.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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@Gsdworld21 yes, and then recall it a week later.

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Lol love it 😁
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Called on Tuesday to ask what's happening with them collecting my device and the advisor booked it in again, they said they send these off to a manager? No call yet lol its three weeks today since I called to sort the recall out, bit of a joke tbh what happens if it explodes
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@TreggyIII wrote:


3) If you fail to contact the bank, they will wait another 10 working days and then transfer it to your personal account anyway.




I kid you not, this was a real conversation I had!!

Haahaa, I hope I get that conversation....  It's not often I get to leverage my employer to win a 'discussion'...  Not that I work for BACS, but another major player in the financial transaction cartel and it goes quite a bit of insider knowledge slight_smile

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Hi @Paul112,

Please send me a PM and we shall see if we can chase that up!

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Here we go with another update, following my call earlier in the week to O2 and being told they would call me back the following day. You guessed it, no phone call.


I have called again this morning and it appears the 1 month device plan I paid has been refunded but not to my bank, it is now showing as a credit on my O2 account. I have been told this morning the up front payment has now been processed for a refund and you guessed it, it will be applied as a credit to my account and I have to call back in 3 days to request this credit is then transferred to my bank account.


Looking into the online account, if you go into Bills and the link to View and print older bills, this takes you to the original style O2 account page. At the bottom is a payment history link and from here I can see the credit amount on the account, if you are still waiting for your payment check in here to see if you have a credit amount, it will have CR next to the number. I can see the 1 month payment, hopefully the upfront payment will appear here in a couple of days then I can get that credit transferred to my bank again.


I still believe O2 as a mobile provider is the best in the UK and continue to use them for personal and business but they really need to get their act together with regards the Note 7 fiasco.

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I'm still waiting fur my refund... note 7 received back ... after my 100th CS call " sorry there was an issue " we will make the refund ASAP... then a " suspect " looking email arrives asking for ME to call to give them to give my card details so they can return funds????? I'm furious and WILL NOT be calling ... they have my card details so just return funds like every other merchant can do .... time to take proper advice about this now ... I'm done with it!!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠
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I had to call and give my card details again when I went through the process. I did get refunded a few days after
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I see Samsung New Zealand are IMEI blocking the note7 from the 18th of November. I bet they'll do that in all countries shortly after. Feel sorry for those who purchased from auction sites etc. That's their money gone unless the seller is decent and refunds. Doubtful though
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@Gsdworld21 but not actually execute the recall so people just have dangerous books laying around their homes..
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