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Pride with O2!

Hey everyone, 


O2 has a proud history of supporting Pride events which goes back to 2013 and this year is no exceptions with O2 aiming to make the celebrations bigger and better than ever before! 


O2's LGBTQ Network (Proud at O2) is rolling out their big blue bus to 6 cities in 2017 and visiting  London, Belfast, Leeds and Manchester, as well as adding Brighton and Glasgow to the O2 Pride road trip.


There are 17,500 freebies to give away, 500 confetti cannons to use, 2000 t-shirts for people to wear and O2's stores will be even more involved with career stalls and freebies; There will even be live streaming the bus in-store! 


O2's bus will be attending the below Pride events so if you're attending come down and say hello! 





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