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Our latest update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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O2 Social Media Team
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Hello everyone. We will update this thread with the latest statements or announcements regarding COVID-19 for our business and our customers. Please see below a message from Mark Evans, O2's CEO, including the steps we're taking for our customers, network, and employees.

Mark Evans, CEO, O2 (Telefonica UK)

We know people are relying on our network more than ever right now and we take that responsibility very seriously. We're monitoring the situation closely so we can make the right decisions. I wanted to share some of the simple but important steps O2 is taking to keep our customers and communities connected. We’ll continue to update this as things evolve. 

Thank you for being with O2. We’ll do everything we can to try and make things easier for you during this difficult time.

Thanks again and take care.

UPDATE 26 March: Today, we announce several more website that we are zero-rating for O2 customers. Theseadditional support and advice websites will help our customers access the support they need, worry free, during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.Full list of websites here.

UPDATE 23 March: 
Effective immediately from this evening to protect our employees and customers, we have decided to close our stores. Our website continues to operate, where we also have a wealth of help and support information, as well as self-serve support.


point_down Steps we’re taking to keep Britain connected when we all need it most point_down

For our customers: 

  • You can now access NHS websites without using your data allowance and the 111 helpline has always been free. 
  • You have 24/7 access to your account on My O2 through the app or online. This is the best way to stay in touch and manage any customer service queries.

On our network:    

  • We're investing £2 million every single day in our network to make it as reliable as possible.
  • Over the last few days, we've increased our capacity even further, to help handle the extra demand and we’ll continue to do this.

About our shops:

  • We’ve closed all O2 shops in the UK now to protect both our customers and our people.
  • We’re protecting our peoples’ base pay whilst our shops are shut.

For businesses and government: 

  • We're holding flexible working webinars for hundreds of businesses so they can stay productive.
  • We're working with the government to help them use mobile data and technology to manage the pandemic.

For our people:

  • We're updating our people every day and have a dedicated internal helpline for any concerns they have.
  • We've also guaranteed base pay for all staff if they need time off to self-isolate or to look after their family.

We’re asking you to keep customer service lines free for those who need help most: 

  • Lockdown measures have meant our call centres are severely restricted. Please support our reduced team by only calling in the most urgent circumstances, like reporting fraud or a stolen phone. For everything else, please try to find answers on our website or through My O2.


O2 Business customer? Read our COVID-19 update for business.




Who can I talk to if I have a question?

We’ve followed the government’s guidance and closed our stores, and our Live Chat is currently unavailable. Our phone lines are still open but with reduced opening hours, and because we’re busier than usual, we need to prioritise calls. 

If you’re having problems using your phone or paying your bill, your phone is lost or stolen, or you’re reporting fraudulent activity, we’ll be able to speak to you over the phone.

For anything else, please take a look at our help pages, sign in to My O2 or if you’re a business customer, try My O2 Business.


I don’t know how My O2 works – how can I get help?

Check out our handy How-to guide to get started.


What support services are free to access on O2?

  Website Category
1. Citizens Advice Financial advice
2. Financial advice
3. Financial advice
4. Emotional support
5. Mental health/ emotional support
6. Mental health/ emotional support
7. Mental health/ emotional support
8. Mental health/ young people
9. Mental health/ LGBTQ
10. Older people
11. Older people
12. Young people
13. Children
14. Health - Alzheimer’s
15. Health -  cancer support
16. Health - asthma
17. Health - heart
18. Health - diabetes
19. Disabled people - general
20. Disabled people - sight
21. Disabled people – hearing
22. Bereavement


Will this affect the delivery, return or repair of my device or accessory?

Thankfully, many parts of our business are still running as usual. So deliveries, returns and repairs will still happen in the normal timeframe. If this changes, we’ll let you know.


I’m using up my data allowance faster than usual – what can I do?

Take a look at this advice from Ofcom that you may find useful.

Further Info

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Great to hear, @Chris_K.


And thanks for the plug thumbsup


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Thanks for the info and support hoping that everyone keeps safe and well.
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Desperate times and O2 are doing their bit disappointed


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Hi, It looks like I will be working from home remote supporting staff, possibly using video. As my only way to get on the Internet is via my mobile phone, what is the chance of O2 either waving the data limit or giving an extra 10%?

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It would certainly help @steadals 


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You'll not know unless you ask Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Great to hear @Chris_K thumbsup

*The Game Is On*

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Thanks for the update o2.
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It's good that o2 are getting involved helping people during these very difficult and distressing times. Thank you 👍
Stay safe and ... oh yes wash hands singing Happy Birthday as instructed by our leader 😎


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