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Re: Free screen replacement from O2

Excellent service @Caiicera wink

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Re: Free screen replacement from O2

Not sure it is such a great deal.


Previously I paid more for insurance, around £12-15 per month, but could claim more than once if I paid an excess.


When I signed up I didn't realise that my insurance would be downgraded by accepting the offer.

With this offer my insurance went down to £5 per month (theft or loss only) and included the one free screen replacement. 


I have just broken my screen for a second time and I cannot claim on O2 insure because of this offer.

In my previous contract I would have been fine.


Admittedly this is my fault for not reading more into the details of the insurance but after 15 years with O2 it leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

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Re: Free screen replacement from O2

I had to claim my free screen too and it was fully explained to me at the time that my £5 policy no longer covered damage, so it was all clear to me.
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