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O2 & ITN Productions: The first live TV advert powered by 5G

Hi guys, 


Did any of you watch the England Rugby game on Saturday 5th?? If so, here's a little something you might not have known about the ad that played halfway through! 🏉


O2 and ITN Productions have created the world’s first live TV advert, powered by 5G, and aired live on ITV during the England match. The advert previews some of O2’s 5G capabilities ahead of the official launch later in October, across key areas of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds. O2’s 5G rollout will be targeted where customers need it most, including at major entertainment and sports venues such as The O2 and Twickenham Stadium.


Footage of the matchday atmosphere was captured across the UK and sent back to ITN studios in London via O2’s next generation 5G network. From there, it was broadcasted as a live advert on ITV, showcasing the real-time support of fans up and down the country. It collated reactions of fans during the match from four different locations across the country using  5G-‘bonded’ cameras. To transfer such a high volume of data in broadcast quality, ITN relied on 5G’s capability to provide high-speed, high quality, always-on connectivity.


If you want to see the advert again, have a look here!


What do you guys think of this type of more personalised and lively adverts? Are there any other times than during a sports game that you think it could be used?


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Re: O2 & ITN Productions: The first live TV advert powered by 5G

I watched the game but spent half time on a Skype call. Having watched the advert now I think it very impressive.

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Re: O2 & ITN Productions: The first live TV advert powered by 5G

What a coincidence.. all wearing O2 shirts (call me cynical)