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O2 System Updates – 360

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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Hello everyone, 


Last year we shared this update around some changes that we’re making to our systems. Since then, we have started the process of migrating customers onto our new platform and this will continue in batches throughout 2023. The aim of these changes is not only to improve your experience with O2, but to allow us to utilise new functionality to provide a better level of service, improved experiences and quicker development of products.


As with any major system change, it can take time to iron out any niggles but alongside rigorous testing, we hope to minimise that. Over the last few years our teams have been working hard in the background to get the new platform ready to start migrating customers across to it. We now have a substantial number of new and existing customers on this new platform and we have a plan that will see the rest of our Pay Monthly customers migrate in batches throughout the year which allows us to control the flow, address any issues and perfect the process.


To our Community regulars: As the year progresses you’ll likely see more and more of our customers asking questions that may have a slightly different solution to the ones you’re used to, so we want to try and help as much as possible over the next few months to align any existing guides with any of these new changes and to give you the information you need to continue doing a fantastic job.


Firstly, you may have come across the name ‘360’ being mentioned, which is the internal name we use when referring to our new platform. When talking about our old/existing platform, we refer to this as our ‘legacy’ system.


To start with we wanted to do a bit of ‘Myth Busting’


  • I can’t upgrade in a store as I’m now on a ‘new system’

We have taken a phased approach and we are working towards all our stores having the ability to handle new system queries. In the meantime, there are processes in place to support our customers so regardless of which store you visit, you’ll receive the support you need.


  • I can’t get the same deals as I could on the old system

This is incorrect – any of the deals and offers we launch are available on both our legacy and new system, although one of the biggest benefits of our new system will allow us to enrich any future deals or offers.



  • When I contact customer services they’re unable to help
    We are providing training and guidance across our business to support this migration, including by establishing a specific set of teams to support customers on our new system. This is constantly growing and evolving as we migrate more of our customers across.


  • I can’t view my bills on the new system
    We’re aware that a small proportion of customers are experiencing issues viewing historical bills, and we’re working to resolve that as soon as possible. If you are experiencing these issues, rest assured our customer service teams can help you with your billing in the meantime if you need further support. You can find our customer service contact details here.


  • The network feels worse since I migrated

There is no difference in how your phone and sim connect to the network whether you are on our old system or our new one. All services are available and work in exactly the same way.


  • How do I stop being moved?

You can’t. We are carrying out this migration in stages so that we can make sure we get it right and remove as many issues as possible whilst completing the process. The new system we are investing in will enrich your experience with O2 and the aim is to maximise the benefits to you as soon as we can. We understand change can be challenging and concerning, but we are doing our utmost to make this as smooth as possible.


  • My O2 Looks different

We have made some changes to improve what you can see and do. The aim is to put more control into our customers’ hands and we have introduced some new features to allow this. We will look to share further detail on this as we go forward.


  • I’m now getting more O2 notifications

One of the key benefits on our new platform is the real time updates we share with you when you are making changes. This keeps you fully updated and allows us to deliver changes that you are confident will complete.


We want to keep our members and customers as updated as possible – when you do migrate you shouldn’t initially notice a change. Your services and access to O2 will stay exactly the same. As you start to go through making amends to your account and accessing services you may start to see some differences, but in the long term these have all been made to benefit you. Over the next few months we want to work with the teams to update guides and information where needed.


We will look to update where we can on the progress and happy to field any questions here





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When accessing the roaming pages we are asked to input our mobile number to check if we are on the new system so as to 'provide the relevant info for our account'

Why is this?

Is there some difference to the roaming information and costs? And if not, then what is the point of being asked for our mobile number?

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A pretty bog standard query from me @ColinO2 

For years I have been on a sim only contract as I always buy my phone outright.

I haven't noticed any changes with the new billing platform yet. What am expecting to happen to me perssonally?

Veritas Numquam Perit

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A couple of questions:

1. Are customers been notified before they are moved, as people are starting ask about DD cancellations and recreations... 

2. Like others why do you have to enter your number to access roaming information, or is this just a test integration.

3. Will there by any User Experience changes to myo2, and would you be able to share these with the community

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- Pixel 8 Pro - o2 and Vodafone UK
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First off, thank you for providing an update @ColinO2 . This is extremely helpful.

I think answers to the above questions will further expand the help that the community can give - especially the point around DDs. Given the number of spam and fraud attempts, being able to reassure someone that they have not fallen prey to these will be great.

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Which stores currently have access to the new system? Customers should at least have access to information that saves them a trip to a store that can't help them.

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It won't affect the lenf of my contract will it? Because I am planning to cancel my mobile boardband contract when it comes to an end in July this year and my mobile contact when it comes to an end in January next year.

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Thanks for all the questions so far! We'll be passing these along and sharing the answers in this topic once they are available. Please continue to ask anything not covered in the topic or comments. 🙂

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Is is great news for us all 

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I very much doubt that......

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
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