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O2 Community Rewards – Terms & Conditions

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O2 Community Rewards – Terms & Conditions

  1. Earning O2 Community points through Participation

1.1 You can be eligible to O2 Community Rewards by earning points from certain types of Participation within the community. At the beginning of each month we will calculate the number of points you have earned in the previous one and you may qualify to one of the rewards allocated to the Community for that month.


1.2 You can start earning O2 Community points from the first day of each month. The points count resets every calendar month.


1.3 It can take up to 3 weeks for O2 to dispatch your Reward from the day you confirm your delivery address.


1.4 Points are calculated according to a special algorithm devised by O2. To qualify for O2 Community Rewards you must have an active forum account; disciplinary suspension (permanent or temporary) will disqualify you from the programme for that specific month.


1.5 In case of win, the community team will contact you by private message to confirm your prize and will ask you for the relevant details to deliver your Reward. You are responsible for providing us with a response within 10 working days or your Reward will expire.


1.6 Different types of Participation activity and associated points availability shall be determined by us and we may change these from time to time.


1.7 We may suspend or discontinue the O2 Community Rewards programme at any time and we would provide notice to you of this on the O2 forum. You would stop accruing points for Participation but if you are eligible for an O2 Community Reward before the suspension or discontinuation of the service we will honour it.


1.8 We may suspend or remove you from the O2 Community Reward programme at any time and without notice to you if you have provided false or misleading information or if we suspect that you are misusing this service, you have breached these Terms and Conditions, any supplemental terms, the O2 Privacy Policy or O2 community guidelines, or if we have received a serious complaint about you (whether or not it is ultimately proven) or if you have otherwise engaged in conduct which may breach any law or regulation or bring O2 into disrepute. In such instance, O2 reserves the right to remove any or all of your accrued points.


1.9 If you receive an O2 Community Reward there may be personal tax implications for you, which you will be required to take responsibility for.


1.10 Points or rewards relating to this programme may not be transferred to friends, family members or any other third parties.


1.11 O2's decision as to the value of your Reward is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


1.12 O2 employees are eligible for the O2 Community Rewards on the condition that they participate in a personal capacity and display at all times the following disclaimer in their forum signature, : "I work for O2 but any comments and opinions I post here are solely my own and do not reflect those of O2 or Telefónica.” Failing to do so will automatically disqualify the employee from the O2 Community Rewards programme and any reward gained will be withdrawn.


Unless otherwise stated, this applies to O2 Community Rewards and not to other promotions that may run in the community.

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