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O2 Ask is closing

Hi everyone, 


We firstly want to thank all O2 Community members who were involved in our initial beta trials of O2 Ask, and hope you continue to take us up on any future betas, tests or trials on the O2 Community as your feedback, as always, is invaluable in helping us shape our products and services. We will begin introducing key features from O2 Ask, such as Aura, to the My O2 app for all customers.


In the meantime, O2 Ask users can keep track of their account via the My O2 app or online at http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2. O2 Ask will close from 28 March 2019.

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Re: O2 Ask is closing

Sorry @Martin-O2 yet another o2 product bites the dust 

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Re: O2 Ask is closing

So .... Its not available to download now unless you have the beta. Are they actually going to persevere with this app and then make it available to all? Why not introduce wifi calling and texts again and then the app would be useful again because at the moment it just mirrors My O2  

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Re: O2 Ask is closing

I deleted it ages ago when it became unfit for purpose...

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Re: O2 Ask is closing

I deleted it after trialling as it was no longer useful so this is one app I won’t be missing
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Re: O2 Ask is closing

I never could use it anyway!
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Re: O2 Ask is closing

I used it for bit then heard it got cancelled so didn't bother
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Re: O2 Ask is closing

@Cleoriff wrote:

I deleted it ages ago when it became unfit for purpose...

Hilarious, I've had it hanging around but what's the point when it does nothing that My O2 does??


Well done O2...  

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Re: O2 Ask is closing

It used to be WiFi Calling & sms over WiFi but then they removed the sms features that people needed