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Nokia Lumia 925 White exclusive to O2!

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Hey Guys,


As the title states we’re happy to introduce Nokia’s flagship device - Lumia 925, that’s exclusive in white to O2.


It comes with tons of great features and is the latest and greatest Windows 8 phone yet!


Here are some of them:-


-4G Ready, so when our superfast speeds are available so will this great phone

-Tough screen - world’s toughest touch screen glass

-Outer casing built with the tough, lightweight aluminium

-8.7 megapixel Nokia smart camera, that takes 10 pics in 1 click


Take a look and let us know what you think, will this be your first 4G phone?


Check it out on this video





 Nokia lumia 925.jpg



It’s going to be available on pre-order for release in June, check here for the very latest -


More here:






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Shame that windows phones are a dying breed with hardly any apps

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not much going for windows phones, looks good but i wont be geeting it

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Actually Windows phones have all the apps I need. Currently have the Nokia 920 and a Iphone and really not much difference in apps that i use. Yes yahoo could be more official rather than 3rd party but apart from that Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber are all there.


So the people out there what other apps do you need. 

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I was able to have a play around with this today and I love it, I nearly didnt give it back wink


I currently own the Xperia Z and the camera on the 925 really puts mine to shame.

I work for O2 but my comments and opinions posted here are solely my own and do not reflect those of Telefonica.

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I currently use a HTC 8X and love the look of it, but miss the apps my horrible android phone and iphone4 i owned previously.

I think the lack of games is my biggest annoyance, as there isn't much to do when you are on the train, etc.

Also a subscriber to Xbox music, which is very good (similar to Spotify) but at some times, if i want to change the song, it crashes itself to get the next song working.
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Can someone at O2 please explain why you are gouging your customers who might be looking at getting this phone?


What do I mean?

Lets see according to your site the Nokia Lumia 925 you will be selling has 16GB internal storage and that in order to get a reasonable monthly cost of £22 (300mins/500MBdata/unlimited txts) you have to pay £329 for the phone up front!!


Now lets compare that to Vodafone shall we - they are doing the 925 with 32GB, i.e. double O2s version at £21 (300mins/250MB/unlimited txts) and you have to pay £199 up front for the phone.


Admittedly it has half the data, but fricking hell it has double the storage space and costs £130 less up front.


Why the rehetoric here?

Just finished my contract and switched to a sim only deal keeping my current phone and stupidly (on my part) let myself get talked into a 12 month stint with the promise of the new O2 refresh deal. Smiley Mad I am soooo not happy right now.

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Beautiful phone:)

Rather tempted
Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong. So Ive been told wink
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Wouldnt go for a windows phone never really took off

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Contacted O2 with interest to purchase this phone for £499.99 Pay & Go but since i already have a Pay & Go plan i wanted just the phone for that price. 

No can do! i was told it was a promotional thing and there was no option to buy the phone only and was turned away.


After looking a bit this same phone is available for purchase on Amazon Sim Free/ Unlocked and is Amazon itself that is selling it not 3rd party companies. IN WHITE TOO for £455 free delivery.


Not so exclusive after all Smiley Very Happy

Less business for you i supose

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