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Happy 1st Birthday, O2 Tracks!

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Since O2 tracks launched a little over a year ago (February 2013 to be precise), tracks have been played over 100 million times ranging across every music genre imaginable. As well as the headline UK Top 40 playlist, we regularly feature bespoke ones showcasing R&B, Hip-hop, Rock and everything else in-between. We love O2 Tracks, and we know a lot of you are passionate about music too – we’ve seen posts (such as this one) from you discussing your favourite artists and tastes – O2 Tracks has been a home to many of these artists and styles and we’ll make sure it continues to be. Whether you’re into Katy Perry or Snoop Dogg, Westlife or The Beatles… We’ve got it all.

Between being a whole year old and hitting over 100 million plays, we think this calls for a big celebration – a way only O2 Tracks can do. Kylie Minogues new album “Kiss Me Once” launches in the UK on Monday 17th March and if you’re an O2 customer* you can listen to it for free from then until 23rd March – a whole week.

You can find more info and details on registering for O2 Tracks here

Not a Kylie fan? The new album has new sounds you may not have heard from her before so we definitely recommend giving it a go, you might just love it! Still no? Let us know what styles/genres your into and your favourite artists - you might just see them pop into O2 Tracks sometime in the future! ;-)


*All O2 customers can listen to Kylie’s album regardless of whether or not they are new to O2 Tracks, have an active O2 Tracks account, are in a free trial period or have a lapsed subscription.

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Re: Happy 1st Birthday, O2 Tracks!

So I guess we won't get spotify bundled in instead Smiley Wink
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Re: Happy 1st Birthday, O2 Tracks!

From the positive posts from @MI5 on this service I'm sure many benefit from this.

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Re: Happy 1st Birthday, O2 Tracks!

@Anonymous wrote:
From the positive posts from @MI5 on this service I'm sure many benefit from this.

Would love to know your thoughts @MI5 Smiley Happy

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Re: Happy 1st Birthday, O2 Tracks!

I'll do it as one of my app reviews......
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