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Get ready for the LG G3!

Hi all


We’re pleased to announce the LG G3 is coming to O2 in July. The sequel to LG’s brilliant G2, takes all the best features from the G2 and makes them even better.


The G2’s knock on feature has been improved with Knock Code. With Knock Code, you can tap a pattern on the phone’s screen to unlock the phone, even if the screen’s switched off. Pretty awesome! It has a 5.5 inch QHD display and has a new feature that makes taking a selfie, much more fun. The G3 has a front camera flash and to take a selfie, you just hold your hand up in front of the lens and clench your fist. How cool?! The back camera is 13 megapixel with a nine point autofocus.


By now you must be wondering what this fantastic new device looks like, well here it is:



Like what you see? Here are some specs to get you even more excited:


Display: 5.5”

Memory: 16GB

CPU: Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor - 2.5GHz

Storage: Up to 128GB in size

Camera: 2.1MP (front camera), 13MP (back camera)


The G3 is coming soon on O2 Refresh. Our website will be updated with all the info soon, keep an eye out for the latest updates here!


We’d love to hear what you think. What feature are you most excited for? Will you be upgrading to the LG G3? Let us know.




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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

Looks very nice Kim.

I'm still confused over the current trend of selfies. Smiley Wink

I wonder if we will see this in the Tech Trials so we can provide a true users review !

Hint hint @Toby
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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

Exciting Smiley Happy
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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

Oooh given the fantastic reviews of the LG G2 I am most certainly looking forward to this little beauty.


@ Toby, putting my name down for Device Loan Trial from day 1!

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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

[ Edited ]

Glad it allows you to use additional storage as well, which means you don't need to use a USB 2 Go adaptor or cloud storage to keep additional larger files.

Big screen as well even there is no 1440p content yet, it does mean it's future ready.

The hardware does seem to have some advantages over rival: Graphics RAM for the display like LG G2.The headphone/line out allegedly has a "1 Watt output" (this might not seem a lot however when you consider the average MP3 player uses 20mW output), which means you can power demanding headphones or even use desktop speakers with them.

I'll try contain my excitement though as I'm still paying for the LG G2 Smiley Sad

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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

Are O2 only doing the 16gb with 2gb ram or will you also be stocking the 32gb version?

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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

LG g3 looks sweet!
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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

The G3 is edging closer to launch day folks! Anyone got it in their sights? It'd be a great upgrade for anyone in the market for a larger-screen device... Movies, streaming, games, work-on-the-go - it was made for it... Not to mention the quad-core processor so it's snappy snappy snappy!

Available to buy online (here) and in-store from next Thursday morning (26th June). Our stores will have the device on display so if you're interested, why not pop in for a test drive to get a feel for this lovely device :-)

PS. To one of the questions above, we'll be stocking the 16GB model rather than the 32GB one. Remember the G3 supports microSD cards up to 128GB so you can add more storage to it than you'd ever need.

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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

I'll certainly be heading instore to have a look at it and get the hands-on experience. One I'm definitely interested in Smiley Happy

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Re: Get ready for the LG G3!

I must say, I'm tempted myself... I envision a Note 3 like device (in terms of performance) in the body of something resembling the HTC One (in terms of quality/feel)...

If you get to give it a spin @jonsie please do come back and let us know your initial thoughts on it :-)

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