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Community spotlight: jezza1234

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Hey everyone, 


It's time for another community spotlight! yahoo This time around we spoke to @jezza1234 who joined the community back in 2014 and has become a regular face around the boards! 


We asked jezza1234 a few wacky questions which he's answered below! Feel free to ask any follow up questions or say hi. cool



What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Jeremy and I am from Chelmsford in Essex

Why did you join the 02 forums and why did you stick around?

I joined O2 Forum originally to have a moan- I know that's hard to believe?- about not being able to redeem an O2 offer and after being offered some good advice, and after looking around the forum decided to stay. I would like to think that I have been able to help others along the way.


What, in your opinion, is the most amazing animal?

In my opinion the most amazing animal has to the the Blue Whale. The biggest animal on the planet and one of the most gentle. Even more amazing when you consider they evolved from a land based 4 legged animal called Pakicetus no where as big as the Blue a Whale is. Who knew?!


What are your tastes in music?

I have a very broad taste in music and don't listen to one type. If it's good I'll listen to it. A current favourite is Billie Eilish but I enjoy everything from AC DC to Beethoven and everything in between. I am particularly fond of my Never Mind The Bol&9/ks album which I have on Vynyl and still listen to from time to time. For our younger members it's a generational thing ?. My 25 year sold son has recently added it to his collection. I also have every Pink Floyd album and have seen them 5 times live including the Dark Side of the Moon gig in Hyde Park. First time it had been played live in full since it's release and the departure of Roger Waters. 


What big problem do you think technology will solve next?

Not sure what it WILL solve but one it would be great to solve is traffic congestion. To do this we need to go to the next level of train and public transport and autonomous vehicles. No pressure then!



What household chore do you actually enjoy?

Easy one this one. Has to be washing up. Walk to dishwasher, open door, put in dirty dishes, put tablet in, select programme, close door and start. What's not to love about that???


What luxury is totally worth the price?

A night(or 2) at the Savoy. Done it once and what an experience. 

A close second would be a journey on the Orient Express. Have been on it from Paris to London but would love to do the long route down to Venice.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend most of my spare time cycling. Not just in the U.K. but also in France and Belgium where a group of us go and we mix in some history(battlefields etc) beer good wine and food and cycling. What could be better than that? I cycle about 150 miles a week. Running is great but in my opinion it's far better to do marathon distances and more sitting down ??



Awesome spotlight jezza1234! Thanks for taking the time to share a bit about yourself. slight smile

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Interesting spotlight @jezza1234  thumbsup

Nice to find out a bit about you....

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Hi @jezza1234 

What a great spotlight.

Particularly like your choice of music and also have the Never Mind The Bol&9/ks album on vinyl. . Although I'm an absolute Queen fanatic, I do love The Who and Pink Floyd.

We saw Floyd before they were very famous, sadly never again before they split, although I do have every album/CD and DVD.


My sons are 50 and 48, and they also love PF and The Who. Funnily enough, my grandson (age 21) has similar tastes, so only goes to show, some music, spans all age groups.

Great to find out more about you  wink

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

A mad biker who can operate a dishwasher, bonus! I never manage to load it properly (!), but it works fine for me when I am here on my own... Astounded


Nice to read a bit more about you, @jezza1234

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Thanks for the spotlight @jezza1234
Great household chore choice🙃

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Great spotlight @jezza1234 . Good to learn a bit more about your interests. slight smile thumbsup 

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Thanks all.
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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Thank you @jezza1234 for letting us know a bit about you

Lovely Spotlight

*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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Re: Community spotlight: jezza1234

Food and cycling go hand in hand! Yay

Great spotlight!