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Community recap: December

Hey everyone, 


It's time for the final recap of 2018 with a look back at some of the highlights on the community in December! Even though it's not just a brand new month but a brand new year you can still go back and join any of the below discussions. smiling cool


A big thank you everyone who got involved last month and we're looking forward to a great January and 2019 on the Community! 


  General Discussions


Community Advent Calendar

The O2 community celebrated Christmas in style with a 24 day advent calendar countdown to the big day! santa


Browse our different forum boards!

We created a thread to guide members through the community with a list and explanation of all the topic boards. 


  Member News


Community Rewards - November

With the Community Rewards, you can get credit for your next bill or your PAYG balance! We like to shout out all our members for helping out, asking questions, giving feedback, and generally just keeping the community a fun place to be. 

  Community-Created Content


iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Dual Sim Guide by davethorp 

A fantastic guide on how to use the dual sim functionality on the iPhone! 


Text Message Tips (not sent or received) by jonsie 

Having issues with text messages? This this is the guide for you. smiling


How to Lengthen Ringtime on any O2 Mobile by jonsie 

Another handy guide from jonsie this time on lengthening the ringtone on your mobile. 


  O2 Announcements


Instant Winners is coming back

The community discussed the return of the Instant winners prize draw in December! 


Wifi and 4G Calling on O2

Check out this detailed question and answer thread which will deal with all your wifi and 4G related queries. 


  Other Topics


Views of the tech future,,,,from the 90s

A fun look at some future predictions made waayyy back in the 1990's! 


Geminids Meteor Shower Tonight

Did you manage to catch ythe Geminids Meteor Shower? If so drop in and share your experience. 


Is New Year overrated?

On to the last big question of 2018, is New Year worth the effort? Let us know your thoughts! 

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