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Community Rewards - September 2017

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Hi everyone,

How has your October started? smiling


It's time for the Community Rewards again! Every month, we like to thank those forum members who have been contributing to the community by asking questions, helping each other out and keeping the forum a fun and engaging place to be. In addition to our regular members, it's awesome to see that this also includes those new members who have jumped in quickly after registering on our forum and started interacting - thank you! smiley


Additionally, we ask the community towards the end of each month to nominate a great piece of content such as guides, reviews, product testing or walk-throughs. September's nomination winner is @MI5 with his very useful guide Where is my discount?.


Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed this month. The rewarded members are listed below. heart Please drop me a PM (Private Message) with your O2 mobile number so we can credit your pay monthly or PAYG account with the reward!



Platinum Reward:

@MI5 - this month's nomination winner!


Gold Reward:




Silver Reward:



Bronze Reward:









Copper Reward:




































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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @Marjo and the Community team. PM sent.
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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Thank you al lHero  heart you are Fantastic

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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Thank you so much. Well done everyone....Bow

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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Thank you very much to the team and well done to everyone 😀

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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Well done community and thanks to all the team Smiley Happy
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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Well done, everyone, and thanks @Marjo and the hard-working community team!
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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

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Hi Marjo

I should have done PM . I'll try again

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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Thank you & congratulations to everyone smiling

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Re: Community Rewards - September 2017

Fantastic, thanks @Marjo and the rest of the team - and well done everybody!! 


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