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Community Rewards: March 2019

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Hi everyone!


I hope you're enjoying the beginning of April and the lovely spring weather we are having (at least over here it's been quite lovely in the past couple of weeks)! β˜€οΈ πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ


Thank you for all your contributions to our community during March - it's time to have a look who's reached the Community Rewards this time! Happy Dance


We have many members each month asking and answering questions on all things related to O2 and mobile, and generally keeping the community a fun place to be. We like to say thanks to those contributors with some credit towards their next monthly bill or PAYG balance. You can read more here: What is the Community Rewards Programme?


Additionally, a special shout-out to @Glory1 whose device review of the Galaxy S10 won the community nominations for March! thumbsup


See below a list of all rewarded members. If you spot your username on the list, please drop me a PM (private message here on the forum) to claim your reward, including the mobile number you'd like to be credited, and I will reply back to let you know which rewards tier you've hit this month. yahoo


Rewarded members - March 2019:


@adamtemp64 , @AlexYem84 , @AlienBlade , @anticpated , @Bambino , @Baz , @beatlemac , @Belfasteve , @Bennybooboo , @BettyBoop590 , @blissgirl , @Bob_Mcg , @BOSSGOGG , @Butch , @C-dog , @Cat1 , @Cleoriff , @ComaChameleon , @CosminO , @davethorp , @deb2422 , @Denise1 , @disgruntledman , @emcardle660 , @fasterbyelan , @fati , @foocindy , @FriendlyGamer31 , @G4Grandad , @Glory1 , @gmarkj , @gr75 , @graciebabe39 , @Helmy , @Hillsey , @Hogues , @Irish_canuck , @JaizzerT , @jamesjon1300 , @JAY81UK , @Jenny105 , @jezza1234 , @JN-1234 , @JoanM , @John48 , @jonsie , @JoPeters , @Julie123 , @kirstyr1313 , @kiszcat , @KJD , @kuchipudinitin , @Kuribo , @Leahno1auntie , @liggerz87 , @LivCR , @Liverpool12344 , @Lizjb , @londonpride , @Anonymous , @mas , @Mi-Amigo , @MI5 , @MikeF , @mungodaisy , @MusicIan , @nick5 , @paddyguy , @Payforit_Sucks , @pgn , @PiedPiper , @Pinkeye , @Prof_Zarkov , @Professor , @Projectionist , @Rf1 , @RichardMoss , @ro1 , @rubywoo , @Sallie2 , @Scotty66 , @Sinkers , @Smiffy , @stevec1990 , @susanj , @sweet_pea , @TallTrees , @Tash , @Tinmanius , @Trooper , @viridis , @wildorca1075 , @WispaRed7 



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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Thank you. PM sent.


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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Well done everyone
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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Well done all and thanks to the community team.
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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Great stuff.
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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Thank you PM sent 

*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

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Thank you Marjo and the community team, and well done everyone.


Thank you too to everyone who voted for my review, much appreciated  PM sent.

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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019


Many thanks and well done to all.


PM sent.

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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Thanks so much. Well done everyone. PM sent

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Re: Community Rewards: March 2019

Hi @Marjo 

Really enjoyed March and looking forward to April.

Thank you so much for the Community Reward most obliged.

and well done to all the Community Members too.heart eyes

PM sent