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Community Rewards: July 2019

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Hi everyone, 


What a hot and sunny Summer we've had so far! I hope you all enjoyed a lot of ice cream, picnics, barbecues, and all the exciting discussions here on the Community 🏖🍦 ☀️


Now that July has come to an end, it's time for the July Community Rewards!


As you know, every month, we want to give a big shoutout to the members who have contributed to the Community by raising questions, sharing their knowledge, and generally by making it such a fun place to be:


Hero A huge thank you to all of you. Hero


A massive thank you to @MI5 , @davethorp , and @liggerz87 and @jezza1234 who put together some wonderful reviews and guides over July, and a special shout-out to @jonsie whose fantastic review on the HONOR View20 won the community nominations this month!


If you see your name on the list below, please send me a private message with the O2 number you'd like credited, and I'll let you know how much your July Reward will be! trophy


@_0x  @Antb  @anticpated  @Ashbyrobins  @Bambino  @Baz  @bmarton  @Bob_Mcg  @BOSSGOGG  @Brassneck  @captainprice  @Cellular_Data  @Chelon  @Claret  @Cleoriff  @ComaChameleon  @Countryfile  @davethorp  @DSB  @Durhamdad54  @Fali  @Foddersin  @Francis  @gindygoo  @Glory1  @gmarkj  @Humpty @Anonymous @impoverished  @James77  @JAZZ-trad  @Jenny105  @jezza1234  @JimBob  @JJ1  @jonsie  @keithgriffiths  @Leakey85  @Lee1982  @Level-best  @liggerz87  @Livsnin  @LLOYDB50  @Anonymous  @Luke30  @Marmaduk3H  @Meady  @Mi-Amigo  @MI5  @mswanston  @Number_3  @Oli13  @Payforit_Sucks  @Pete61  @pgn  @PhoneChanger  @Poppysmum  @Red5  @RJ29  @Rolfd  @SamsungFanBoy  @Shuntfield  @Smallprint  @Steeloz  @Strayfe  @TallTrees  @Anonymous  @TeresaK20  @TheGreyApe  @viridis  @welshsteve76  @WispaRed7  @ZoeNolan98 


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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thanks for the mention @EmilieT

Congratulations to everybody. Another great month in the community.
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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thanks and well done to all!

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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thank you. PM sent.


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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Congratulations everyone and thank you so much for my award.


Pm sent.


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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thanks and well done everyone. PM sent

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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thank you pm sent Smiley Happy
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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Thank you, PM sent, and well done everyone.
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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019


Well done all.  PM sent.


Thank you @EmilieT 

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Re: Community Rewards: July 2019

Many thanks.
PM on way.....
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