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Community Rewards February 2019

Hi everyone, 


Dispite the weather confusing the hell out of me it's still only the beginning of March and time for the community rewards! cool 


Each month we have a massive amount of people asking and answering questions on all things related to O2 and mobile and generally keeping the community a fun place to be! We like to say thanks to those members who have really contributed to the community with credit of their next bill or on their PAYG balance!! 


A special shoutout to @Skyhawk1010  for his fantastic review of the Samsung Note 9! You can read the review hereslight smile


All the rewarded members are listed below! A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the community last month and If you're on the list please drop me a private message with the O2 number you'd like credited with your reward and I'll let you know how much your reward will be. smiling


@2O @adamtemp64 @ADBEN @AlexYem84 @Alun @Andy83 @ashsupra @b4u2 @Bambino @Baz @Birty @blissgirl @Brian81 @bullfrog @BW118 @Carol62 @CeekayLFC @Cleoriff @ComaChameleon @Craigzeh @davethorp @Dawn @DawnPeck @ERIC @FriendlyGamer31 @GBow @Glory1 @gmarkj @Gohagan @Gurnicus @ianjohnson @JascaDucato @Jenny105 @Jens @jezza1234 @Joji @jonsie @JPerdi @Juju79 @Junior @kiszcat @krish @kuchipudinitin @liggerz87 @Loisemma @londonpride @Anonymous @Luke30 @MariaFalconer @Mark17503 @Mateus @McTechSolutions @Meady @Mi-Amigo @MI5 @Mick_Finn @Mobily @Netcat @Nick4 @paulbacon @Payforit_Sucks @pgn @pinkcadillac @pip1 @Projectionist @Anonymous @RM19894 @Scatts @sheepdog @Skyhawk1010 @Sloz @Stanley @starfish @Stillwater @TallTrees @Trishmac @viridis @welshsteve76 @WispaRed7 @woodmj @wpmk @Zian 


Thanks again everyone and don't forget to drop me a private message with your mobile number to find out what your reward is. wink


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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Hi there @Martin-O2 


Thank  you very much for including me in the Feb. 2019 rewards ~ most appreciated

enjoyed it all.

I have sent you my mobile phone number through PM 

Best wishes TallTrees

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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

To say it is a shock that I have been considered for an award is an understatement. I don`t "get" what I have done do deserve this award, but feel honoured to accept it and have sent a pm.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and a member of this brilliant Community.

And would like to add how pleased I am to see so many more worthy members receive awards.

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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Well done everyone! Thanks @Martin-O2  and community team.

PM sent wink

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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Thanks all. PM incoming Smiley Happy
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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Well done and thanks.
PM sent.
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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Hi @Martin-O2


Thank you for the mention and the reward!

You've got my week to a great start! Smiley Happy


Everyone here is so lovely and helpful. I felt very welcomed when I've joined in a month ago.


Keep it up everyone and thank you for being so kind and lovely Smiley Happy



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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Well done all
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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

Thank you @Martin-02, great start to the week and a surprise after my birthday weekend.
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Re: Community Rewards February 2019

thank you GIF