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Re: Community Rewards - December 2018

@pgn wrote:

@welshsteve76 wrote:

Mine wasn't applied this month.


I have had £6.08 off the bill for the network disruption back in December tho.


And I've been charged 92p for sending "Happy New Year" to 2 members of my family in a text message (Android/O2) bundled it as an MMS and charged 46p per recipient (absolute RIP OFF)... but that's another story (and thread wink)

£6.08 sounds a lot for the network blip, @welshsteve76 - my blip amount was just over £1.23 - and the line above it is my O2open discount, £4.78, total £6.01.


You're right though, looks like your December award has not been applied yet - good luck chasing that Smiley Wink 

Hold on, I didn't read it properly.  I have had my community reward. That and the disruption gesture is £6.08 in total rofl



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Re: Community Rewards - December 2018

Feb bill generated today had my reward on - many thanks again @Martin-O2!

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Re: Community Rewards - December 2018

Awesome thanks for letting me know @gmarkjcool

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Re: Community Rewards - December 2018

Just got back and checked my bills - I don't think I've received it? Smiley Sad