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Community Rewards: April 2019

Hi everyone, 


What a month it's been! Mixed weather, a lot of very exciting discussions here on the Community, all of that topped with an unusual amount of chocolate for us all I'm sure! Now that April has come to an end, it's time for the April Community Rewards!


As you know, every month, we want to give a big shoutout to the members who have contributed to the Community by raising questions, sharing their knowledge, and generally by making it such a fun place to be:

A huge thank you to all of you. Mexican Wave


A special shoutout as well to @Cleoriff whose fantastic guide on how to avoid unexpected charges on your bill won the community nominations for April! 


If you see your name on the list below, please send me a private message with the O2 number you'd like credited, and I'll let you know how much your April Reward will be! trophy


@adamtemp64 @Amer @Annen @anticpated @Bambino @Baz @blissgirl @Bob_Mcg @Bonnie @BOSSGOGG @Catherineernx @Cellular_Data @Cleoriff @ComaChameleon @CosminO @davethorp @Demonyx @Dino1968 @dmac @Erikas @FriendlyGamer31 @Glory1 @gmarkj @Gough63 @Happy @Hexus13 @HW @Anonymous @Imindors @JohnnyGM7LSI @Jonbee56 @jonsie @K8ie1892 @Kate2603 @KirstyS @kuchipudinitin @liggerz87 @Anonymous @Luke_Silcock @madasaf1sh @mahj @Marc85 @Maria @Martymumof2 @Mi-Amigo @MI5 @MICKYT @Microdruid2 @Muk @Payforit_Sucks @pedromo @pgn @pochisoldi @Projectionist @s_kingdom @Sacul @SamsungFanBoy @Scooty997 @Shea6 @solseadog @Sophi @TallTrees @Thedaddy77 @thruxton @Trisha1 @viridis @vurban81 @welshsteve76 @WispaRed7 @wufer 


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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Hi @EmilieT 


Thank you and O2 very much for the April reward most appreciated.


Well done to everyone  


@Cleoriff  guide was very well laid out ~ well done


PM sent 

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Whee, well done everyone! And to the authors of this month's guide and the Samsung review with all the wonderful Screenshots 👍

PM Sent, Data Roaming permitting...
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

@EmilieT thanks not sure how i would get a reward as i’ve not posted much but yeah thanks 🙏
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Well done everyone and thanks for the votes for my guide. hugging


PM sent @EmilieT 

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019


Well done to everyone.


Thank you.   PM sent @EmilieT 

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Well done one and all.
PM about to be sent...

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Congrats to everyone, with special mention of well-deserved award to @Cleoriff  for her brilliant guide.




Thank you so much for my reward

pm sent.




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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019

Thank you @EmilieT and the community team and well done to everyone.


PM sent.

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2019