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Community Recap: September 2019

🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂


Hi everyone,


September has come and gone - what a busy and exciting month on the community!


I can't wait to see what October will bring, and before we dive deeper into Autumn, let's take a look back at what's been happening on the community over the past month. As always, there's been a lot started or continued, and I've collected some of those below. It's not too late to jump into some of these if you haven't had a chance to join in yet!


I'd love to hear in the comments which discussions you liked most over September, and if there's anything you're looking forward to or would like to talk about more next month! 


Photo of trees in autumn


This month, you have been incredibly supportive of each other and exchanged 982 kudos, and have had some really great fun and chit chat as well, with a total of 4,142 replies on the off-topic board!





Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

A lovely first review by SamsungfanBoy: if you're looking for a new SmartWatch, check this one out!




Uploading images on the forum - info for screen readers 

Some information on how to add a description to the images you upload, so people who are using a screen reader can know what your image is about!




We had two Community spotlights this month, helping you get to know better the two following members💡



5G provides breakthrough for driverless car tests

A discussion by Techtamer on a recent news about driverless cars and 5G developments 🚗


What do you think of voice assistants' voices?

Using a voice assistant? Find out what others think of the assistants' voices, and let us know your thoughts as well!




The Wednesday Laugh returned, the Thursday Quiz saw a few more contestants challenging their knowledge and various games such as the Word Diamond Hunt, Word Searches, Word Association and A-Z threads kept on going strong - all here!


The Walking Dead 

Join AnnieM in discussing this long-standing zombie apocalypse show and the latest season.


Radio buff? You can tell us what your Favourite Radio station is -thanks Luke30 for kick-starting this one-, and discuss the BBC Radio 2 Beatles news MI5 posted about!


Rare Coins

If you collect coins or are interested in them, TheGreyApe's topic is just what you need 💰


Caffè NERO Menu review 

Seahorse is reviewing hot drinks from the coffee house chain - check out her reviews so far, and join in with your own pictures and thoughts! ☕️


If you follow Britain's Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, the F1 or the Great british Bake Off, don't forget to join the ongoing related discussions as well!


🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂🍃 🍂

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

I have enjoyed both Spotlights this month. Always lovely to find out more about our members.

The reviews were a great read.

As I participate in the 4 off topics mentioned, BGT, SCD, F1 and GBBO, I have loved those.

I particularly enjoy the Word Diamond searches. We have one running at the moment so I'm off to see if I can post again. rofl

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

[ Edited ]

I`ve really enjoyed the topics this month.

It was great to read the two Spotlights and learn more about @TheGreyApe and @AnnieM .

As most of you know, I`m a huge Beatles fan and so welcomed @MI5 `s thread on the 50th anniversary of the Abbey Road album.

I spend a lot of time [too much time?] in Off Topic, and have enjoyed contributing to BGT The Champions and the GBBO threads.

It has been an absolute pleasure to run the Word Hunt Diamond and am grateful to all those who take part; and also to the contestants and those who play along with the White Room Thursday Quiz...

I`m looking forward to see what new threads and posts appear in Off Topic in October....  

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

September has been a good month. Enjoyed the reviews and the spotlights grin

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

September was a good month

Enjoyed the 2 Spotlights ... & ... 2 reviews

The rare coin thread was interesting

*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

Hi @ EmilieT,
I liked the spotlights, the 2 reviews.
I join in word association, not really good at brain searching crosswords or similar but join in sometimes. I use the Virtual Lounge, love the photos posted, radio stations by Luke easy one! New Guinea pigs post, biscuits for cats. Enjoyed the voice assistant thread! Viridis visit. Like room 101 gets unpleasant issues into the right place!
Love following Hope Elephant.
What made you happy today? This is a good thread gets lost occasionally but no worries 🙃
All the guides are very helpful, like reading through those.
Nature and bees is very nice talking about plants cats dogs bees and associated comments and banter is so very welcome and funny!
Go October🥳

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

It was a busy month for me, and is just getting busier (I'm selling my house at the mo).  So I haven't been around as much as I usually am.


I do enjoy the spotlights though, and join in on a few of the off topic threads.


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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

The best of luck with the house sale @welshsteve76, hope all goes well. Stressful time moving 👍

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Re: Community Recap: September 2019

Thanks @jonsie