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Community Recap: October 2021

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Hi everyone!


November is upon us and I begin this Community Recap with one massive question:


Am I now allowed to play Christmas songs or do I have to wait until 1st December? 🎅


Hopefully, this question doesn’t destroy the community and force us into a civil war. But if needed, I will pick up a weapon and fight for my right to play Christmas songs in November 😂.


Anyway, back to business. I’m happy to be doing a recap for October. Looking back, I can see that we started fast, stayed busy and ended strong with HALLOWEEK 2021.


I hope you enjoy this snapshot of October’s activities 📸! If I’ve missed anything, please feel free to comment your favourite moments below. 


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games 👾


White Room Quiz - Halloween edition - Mon 25 Oct 2021


Of course, you’re going to see loads of Halloween topics in this recap so why not start with one of the best? Our quiz master @Mi-Amigo benefited the community with a special version of his regular White Room Quiz. And what a frightening jolly experience it was!


[HALLOWEEK 2021] 20 Questions‌ ‌🤔


This seemed to be a new game for the community, so it was exciting to give it a go. After a slow start, the yes and no questions were coming thick and fast. Ultimately, it was @Cleoriff who guessed I was Frankenstein’s Monster. 


I think this is a game definitely worth revisiting. Maybe, with a bit of advanced notice, we could end up having a super game. Possibly, one for Christmas?


[GAME] Word Scramble - '60s British Bands 🎸


An instant hit, much like some of the songs of this particularly culturally abundant decade, the music-themed Word Scramble generated raving reviews and also served as a funny way to remember or actually listen for the first time to some of the tunes of those brilliant bands.


The Laughs 😂




Potentially the highlight of HALLOWEEK? @Cleoriff's One Sentence Halloween Story got the creative juices flowing in the community. With a whopping 85 replies, everyone pitched in their own sentences to help create this monster of a story. 


The effort that goes into this deserves a round of applause. I’m looking forward to the Christmas version.


‌‌Yet Another Halloween Topic - The Laughingly Spooky Stories Vault‌‌‌‌ 👻


A dark (and funny, if we may say so) place in the community was opened with the imminent advent of the witches’ day. An opportunity for the members to share those kinds of moments that are not particularly pleasant to be involved in when they’re actually happening, but can generate laughs to those who get to listen to them afterwards.


END OF BST. Clocks Back 🕑


Who knew the clocks going back could be so funny? I caught up on this topic yesterday, and it had so many truths in it! I had a conversation with my friend on Saturday, and as @Cleoriff mentioned, he was, unfortunately, heading into an extended night shift.


@gmarkj mentioned the challenges of having young children, @pgn reshared something they had written years ago (so good - agreed, why can’t I have that extra hour during a magical moment or at a time when I need a re-do!?), and ultimately, everyone appreciated the reminder. Thanks, Cleoriff. 


The Discussions


What would be your ideal customer service experience? ✍️


During Customer Service Week, @Martin-O2 posted this question in the community. There were a lot of good shouts from members, and I think a general consensus was also agreed upon.


I think the mention of having dedicated account managers per case was especially interesting. As I’m sure we have all had experiences of dealing with multiple people at different departments of companies, so it was great to discuss and get some ideas. 


O2 5G Anniversary: The Wider Benefits of 5G Technology


It had been two years since O2 introduced 5G, and we thought it would be a good time to discuss what wider benefits 5G brings to the world we live in. From automated driving to improving healthcare, it was interesting to see where we’re going in this always rapidly changing world.




This was a very funny moment for the community, as people across the planet had to look away from social media for a few hours and communicate elsewhere! Many O2 customers thought their internet was down, for example!


The Events


Black History Month 2021


I posted this to make sure we marked what I think is an important event in the calendar. It was great to see some of our members join in and post about those who they found inspiring of Black origin and/or African diaspora.


It’s a perfect place for the O2 Community too. As we’re always striving to be inclusive, friendly and welcoming! As @TallTrees put it, there is no place for discrimination, and that we’ll always find something in common (probably, food!). 


HALLOWEEK 2021 on the O2 Community


I was very happy to write up this announcement thread for HALLOWEEK 2021. It’s funny because even though I (and my good friend & colleague, @RafaC) are still fairly new, the community has allowed me to feel like I’ve been here for years.


With the help of our regulars, we were able to plan some events and games in advance, making this week a super-engaged, fun and friendly week! I think we’ll be able to take away some ideas and inspirations too from this event. 


Halloween Movie Night! - Cabin in the Woods 📽


Movie night is back! And albeit the movie we’ve watched was chosen on a very tight vote, most of the members agreed that it isn’t a particularly good piece of the seventh art. Nevertheless, getting to watch a movie with fellow members of the community was a very joyful experience!


News, Updates and Announcements


What is New?


Introducing Volt – the new supercharged service from Virgin Media O2


O2 and Virgin Media came out swinging with this announcement! Fortunately, Chris_K was able to provide all of the information. A lot of questions but it’s an awesome free benefit for those who are able to enjoy it. Hopefully, many more to come.

Introducing the new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Pre-order now.


The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro landed! It’s a sleek design, with an amazing looking camera. There is also a special O2 Recycle offer in relation to the phone. I’m sure lots of people have already jumped on this one. 


I hope you enjoyed the recap! Thanks 😁

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What a month @lewys-gp. Thoroughly enjoyable.  A great deal of content ranging from Quizzes, Stories to more serious stuff.

The 60's was my era, I passed my State finals and was swept up by the music and culture of that era. Imagine my joy when one of my favourite games, Word Unscramble featured British Bands. Superb. During my lifetime, I had the opportunity of seeing most of the bands listed. In fact a gang of us, still go away on Rock and Roll 60's weekends. Three days of 60's music, some featuring original members of the groups, lots of drinking involved and we have a great time. 😂


@Mi-Amigonever disappoints with his quizzes which involve a great deal of his time. They are always fun.

I enjoyed 20 questions and Stories from the vault.

The One Sentence Story is a Community effort. All I do is set the scene and allow the imagination of the mad people here to roll it on it's gory way. Special mention to my mad co-founder @Mi-Amigo , who I use to bounce scary themes and plotlines around


@TallTrees  menu's are brilliantly sublime. .


Just one word though, a bit more notice helps. At least 10 days so others can offer to prepare to do something?

Well done to you and @RafaC  for pulling it all together.


As for the rest of October. Great to open up discussions on all sorts of subjects.


Well done one and all. x



*The Game Is On*

Girl in a jacket
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Amazing stuff 😆. And yes, definitely going to try and plan as many Christmas activities as possible well in advance! Hopefully, be plenty of notice.

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A great recap @lewys-gp 

Thank you @lewys-gp and @Cleoriff for your kind comments about my Halloween edition of White Room Quiz which was fun, for me, to search out Halloween-related questions for this.


As to October`s events...

I loved the `60s bands Word Scramble. As everyone knows, I love the Word Scramble game and, in my opinion, this was the best one so far. Brought back so many memories of bands I loved in my past.

The 20 Questions [during Halloweek] was something unusual but I thoroughly loved it and showed what you think ain`t always right 😂 . There should be another one soon and DEFINITELY one for Xmas.

I loved @TallTrees Halloween menu, with something for everyone inc us veggies...


Then we come to the highlight of Halloweek and the whole month of October

Halloween One Sentence Story - dreamed up, planned, run, and written up by our genius story-setter

 @Cleoriff . It is an honour and a privilege to be involved in this and I honestly don`t deserve the title co-founder of OSS. If anything @Cleoriff deserves a medal for reigning in my mad sense of humour which can and does run riot into overdrive at times 😂


A great month with something for everyone. Long may the fun on the 02 Community continue.

Looking forward to what November has in store and the Advanced Notice at the end of this month for the plans and ideas for Christmas On The Community @lewys-gp  



Girl in a jacket

Some people see things as they are and ask "Why?"; I dream of things that never were and ask "Why not?"
Robert Kennedy.

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Another month, another batch of madness on the community - exemplified by the one sentence story.

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Thank you, @Mi-Amigo. I'm especially looking forward to Christmas too! I think we have a good mix of people and ideas to come up with a lot of fun activities 😁.

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What a month indeed!

Well done to everyone who was involved and participated in a very busy month here on the community!

@Cleoriff I am so jealous that some of you guys got to see some of those '60s bands live. And at their peak!
It's so nice that you still enjoy the good ol' Rock and Roll on those weekends, sounds lovely! 💃🕺

Looking forward to the Christmas games, quizzes and topics, hope they are going to be at least as good as the Halloween events were!

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