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Community Recap: May 2021

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O2 Community recap August 2020 (3).png


Hey everyone, 


May was another cracking month on the O2 community with lots of fun discussions, games, laughs, updates and more! I've highlighted a small selection of the great content posted last month in case you missed anything or need some inspiration for you own topics! 


If I've missed a thread that you enjoyed reading or taking part in last month then let us know in the comments below! 




The Games

White Room Quiz Mon 03 May 2021 May Bank Holiday edition 

As always @Mi-Amigo kept our cogs turning with his WRQ to test the communities general knowledge. nerd


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 58

If word play is more your thing then check out the Word Hunt Diamond Game! 


Emoji Quiz - BRIT Awards Editionk

Keeping the quiz theme going @LukasB ran one of his famous emoji quizzes. 


[GAME] Animal Word Scramble

The final game to highlight from last month was @TheresaV's word scramble, this time looking for animal types. cat


The Laughs

World Laughter Day

We can all use a good laugh to help us through the tough times so check out our topic on World Laughter day! 


The Wednesday Laugh

Getting us through the mid-week slump as always was @Bambino with the Wednesday laugh! yahoo


The Discussions

Spoofing Warning

Keeping the community up-to-date with the latest info about the recent spike in number spoofing was @Bambino's thread which shared the best advice to keep yourself safe. 


E-SIM > Good idea, or bad ?? Thoughts appreciated

The community is a great place to get help and advice about all things mobile and tech. Share your thoughts on esims in this great topic from @Projectionistsmile


Clever Bees

A fascinating video of bees opening a soda bottle to get at the sugary goodness inside! This one has to bee seen to be believed! sweat_smile


What can I say? Thanks O2 for the surprise package....

O2's Surprise and Delight program continues to visit the post boxes of our members. This time around @Projectionist was the lucky recipient of a custom gift box!


The Events

May the 4th be with you!

We celebrated Star Wars day here on the O2 community! Whether your a fan of the original trilogy, the prequelS or some of the new TV shows that have been hitting Disney+ then this thread is for you! 


Community Movie Night - The Happening

We held our monthly movie night in May and the community voted for The Happening as the film to watch! Whilst the film turned out to be a bit disappointing we all had fun watching it together. The movie night happens every month so we hope you can join us in June. cool




O2 and Virgin Media joint venture

The first official news about the O2/Virgin Media merger hit the community last month! If you're interested in what's happening then check out the post. wink


Community rewards March & April 2021

We had a big month for community rewards with 2 months worth going out to our members. If you want to see if you earned an award or just want more info about the rewards then give the thread a look. 


The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro has just launched!

The Samsung Galaxy Book Standard has just launched!

There were 2 versions of the new Galaxy Book available on O2 last month. Check out the above device announcements for the details! 


The threads above are just a small selection of the great content posted by all of you last month. So don't be shy - Let us know your highlights from April below! 

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No secret I love the quizzes, particularly the Word Hunt Diamond. As well as being fun, it's also educational (as is the White Room Quiz). Thanks @Mi-Amigo wink


Also the laughs from  The Wednesday Laugh day by @Bambino , whilst the World Laughter Day has become something of a daily joke thread joy


Watching with great interest about how the merger with O2 and Virgin pans out.


Also and sadly, the wettest May on record for a long long time, which thankfully picked up for the Bank Holiday. sun



*The Game Is On*

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Thank you @Martin-O2 for the mention of the White Room Quiz and Word Hunt Diamond game, and thank you @Cleoriff pleased you enjoyed them.

I liked @LukasB `s emoji game and @TheresaV `s Word Scramble - which gives me a chance to play along, especially the Word Scramble as I love word games.


@Bambino `s Wednesday Laugh and World Laughter Day gave me something to laugh at - the latter now becoming a daily laugh of often silly but funny jokes.


On a more serious point, @Bambino `s Spoofing Warning thread gave valued info on this.


All in all, a good month on the Commnity with something for everyone thumbsup 


Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Some people see things as they are and ask "Why?"; I dream of things that never were and ask "Why not?"
Robert Kennedy.

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