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Community Recap: March 2022

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Hi everyone! 


I'm happy to have the chance of highlighting all the best bits from March in today's recap. Below, I'll share some of the amazing content I've found. Thanks to all who read, commented, gave kudos and posted.


And of course, I can't share everythingggggggg. So, there will be one or two things I've missed. But if you'd like to give any moment or topic a deserved shoutout in the replies, please do 😄.


Amazing content created by you


The games


Word Scramble: History's Leaders 🔎


I tried my best to give the community its most difficult word scramble yet 😂. This game is a firm favourite of the community, but no matter how hard @RafaC or I try, the words are unscrambled within an hour or two always.


Word Hunt Diamond Cancelled ✍️


Not exactly a game, just the cancellation of one. I thought it would be worth including though, as all the well wishes that poured out because of it, for @Mi-Amigo, is an example of why we love this community so much.


Thankfully, @Cleoriff let us know Mi-Amigo wasn't feeling well. And in even better news, Mi-Amigo began to feel better by the next day. 


Word Hunt Diamond - 100th Game 💎💯


... But, even though we missed out on one game, we still managed to celebrate the 100th edition earlier in the month! The game opened up with @Cleoriff getting the nine-letter word and after 150+ replies later, the diamond was solved.


A big shoutout to @Mi-Amigo who works so hard on this game and the WRQ.


The laughs


Fuel prices going up - don't affect me because 


This Trigger-esque joke had me in stitches 🤣. A few community members also enjoyed it, and it made me want to stick an episode of Only Fools and Horses on straight away. Thank you for sharing, @TallTrees.


Beware The Ides of March 🔪


On the 15th March, @Bambino reminded me us to beware of the Ides of March 😂. A simple but brilliant one.


The discussions


The Moon Knight discussion thread 🌙


The latest addition to the MCU! Oscar Issac stars as Moon Knight in this new TV series on Disney+. We've had a few comments so far, and from the first two episodes, I can say that it is an epic one so far. I'm sure plenty more of us will give it a watch soon.


The Virtual Lounge 


Here, I've linked to one of our oldest and biggest topics on the community. But, more specifically, I've linked to where @Mi-Amigo posted about the DEC Ukraine Appeal.


And even though we may sometimes think it's best to avoid political chat, it would almost be unnatural for us not to talk about what has been happening in Ukraine. During the discussion, @BobM was kind enough to share their experience of visiting Ukraine many years ago. I'm glad we're able to share stories like this one.


Priority Music Highlights - 15th March Onwards 🎵


Recently, @RafaC has been blessing our eardrums with the soothing sounds of music artists listed on the O2 Priority website. In this edition, he shared some videos, summaries and ticket links for Paul Weller, Sigur Rós and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


iPhone 13 Pro - one week on! 📱


@SamsungFanBoy has made the switch to the dark side. And shared their experience of having an iPhone one week on. So far, they've enjoyed using the new device! Personally, I love seeing a good review, guide, etc. so it was very enjoyable to read this.


The question is, though, SamsungFanBoy or AppleFanBoy 👻😂😅?


The events


Start of BST. Clocks Forward. 🕗


This topic and the one below helped us bring in spring to the community. As well as acknowledging the loss of an hour's sleep, members enjoyed the fact that lighter nights had arrived and also celebrated the fact it was also Mother's Day.


@Pennywren helped us celebrate World Poetry Day on the community by sharing their poem called Spring Time. I thought it was a beautiful piece, that helped describe and bring in the new season.
Not sure if this truly deserves its place in The Events section, but it definitely warranted a mention with the number of comments. We truly went down memory lane with some recipes, fantasised about our sweety and savoury favourites, and let some mathematical 𝛑 slip in there by the end.

News, updates and announcements


What is new?


Support resources available to O2 customers 🤗


This was a nice topic shared by @Chris_K. There are many websites O2 customers can visit without data, and also calls to NHS' 111 helpline have always been free. The list of websites is long, and hopefully, if everyone does need help or support, they can find it on this community or in these resources 💙


Roaming on O2 - All you need to know 🏖


@Chris_K also shared with us a new, big topic on everything a customer may need to know about roaming on O2. With already over 2,000 views, I'm sure this will come in handy for many, many customers.


Thanks to all who contributed last month. Looking forward to the rest of April already 😊.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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Thanks for this @lewys-gp.

It's great to see a précis of the months content. So much great stuff. Personal favourites are the Word Unscramble, Word Hunt Diamond and with the summer holidays approaching, the superb Roaming Megaguide by @Chris_K.

I made a conscious decision to talk about the crisis in Ukraine in the Virtual Lounge. To create a thread on it would have been too depressing and put pressure on people to contribute. At least we can mention it as and when. Also thanks to @Mi-Amigo for the info on the DEC appeals.

A great month and thanks for the laughs. x

Veritas Numquam Perit

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Community Manager
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No problem. It was very nice for me to delve deep into the archives and come across so many nice, interesting topics. Thanks for contributing as always, @Cleoriff 😊.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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A great recap for March @lewys-gp 

Thank you for the mention re- the quizzes and games, and thank you @Cleoriff for the mention regarding the appeal for Ukraine.

I enjoyed lots of posts and topics during the month, including Word Scramble; @Bambino `s  Wed Laugh; and mention should also be made of threads on F1; Football; and TV`s Dancing On Ice which may only have a few members posting but each does get quite a few views.

All in all another good month on the Communty. 


Girl in a jacket

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Robert Kennedy.

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The Wednesday Laugh is a hump-day must! Nice roundup, @lewys-gp ☑️


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Sitting down this evening, at last 🙄

Browsing o2 Community chat, enjoyed your March recap @lewys-gp 

Great to remember those discussions, games and laughs too.  Thank you lewys


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Community Manager
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Thanks, all. It was very enjoyable having a look through all of the month's topics 😁.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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